10 Best Poster Making Applications on Android

An artistic and colorful poster will certainly attract attention. In addition, the information you want to convey will also be well communicated. Especially now that there are so many Poster Making Applications that can make you like a professional graphic designer.

The availability of various applications on Android can support all the creative activities you do. 

One of them is the presence of various applications that make it easy for you to create posters, flyers, and other visual media. 

Of course, this is closely related to the high use of social media for promotion, which demands an attractive visual appearance.

Especially for online businesses who want to showcase their products and promos as best they can. 

The need for an image editor application will be very helpful in terms of promotion. In order to make posters and other interesting social media, you can choose the following applications.

Table of Contents 

  1. Making Web Posters and Banners Easier With Desygner
  2. Popular Poster App – Canva
  3. Adobe Spark Professional Touch
  4. Posterlabs Easily Turn Photos Into Posters
  5. Crello Makes Social Media Posters Easier
  6. Edit Posters to Your Own taste with Poster Maker
  7. Poster Maker Flyer Maker 2020 That Can Be Complained
  8. The Best Editor – Postershop
  9. Easy Poster Editing with Poster Maker & Poster Designer
  10. Editing Fun Posters with PostWrap

1. Making Web Posters and Banners Easier With Desygner

Desygner is an image editor application that can help you create various things, such as posters, flyers, to designing website content. 

Desygner also offers so many templates for free, and more templates if you use a paid version.

Besides being available in the Android application version, you can also open Dysgner on Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Websites. 

This will make it easier for you when you want to integrate designs from mobile devices to desktop devices. For the paid Dysgner version, you can prepare a budget of $4.95 per month.

2. Popular Poster App – Canva

Canva is an image editing application that of course you already know, because of its popularity. Just like Desygner, Canva also provides tons of templates for digital and print media. 

Another advantage of Canva is that you are free to customize the templates that are already available.

In addition, if you want to make work with friends or coworkers. Canva also provides collaboration features that can be shared with up to 10 people. 

Canva is also a free poster-making application that provides a myriad of tools to make it easier for you to create designs. Even though there is a paid version, with the free version, you can use a lot of templates and tools .

3. Adobe Spark Professional Touch

Adobe is a company that has long created professional design applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and many more. For you Android users, Adobe has launched a product that can help you edit images on a mobile. 

Adobe Spark is an Android app that you can use to create posters as well as videos. The advantage of Adobe Spark is the ease with which you can copy or continue your work using the desktop version of Adobe. 

So, after you create a poster using Adobe Spark, another touch you can continue with the application to create a poster on a PC using Adobe InDesign. A touch like this will make the design you create seem more professional.

4. Posterlabs Easily Turn Photos Into Posters

The next way to make a poster on a cellphone is to use Posterlabs. Like other applications for making posters, Posterlap also provides many templates.

One of the advantages of Posterlabs is its easy operation thanks to its simple and clean interface. The dark background of the posterlap will help focus more on the content of the poster you are working on.

5. Crello Makes Social Media Posters Easier

If you don’t have expertise in graphic design, especially in making posters. 

Crello can be an easy-to-use application for artistically creating posters. Even if you’re already used to Canva, Crello will easily catch your eye.

Crello’s user interface is just as easy as Canva’s. The templates they offer are also very varied, especially for social media posters. It will be very profitable for those of you who do business online and want to make posters every day. 

It’s just that if you only use the free version of Crello the features will be very limited. Only 5 designs that you can download in one month. While the subscription version is every month, you have to prepare a budget of $7.99/month.

6. Edit Posters to Your Own taste with Poster Maker

If other Poster Making Applications are capable of creating a professional impression, so is Poster Maker.

In the Poster Making Applications, there’s a huge selection of cool features to choose from. Such as background choices, fonts, stickers, to effects to enhance the final poster.

Another advantage of Poster Maker is that you can use your own image as the background for the poster.

Therefore, the posters that you create in Poster Maker will suit your taste very well.

7. Poster Maker Flyer Maker 2020 That Can Be Complained

Another application for making posters on cellphones is Poster Maker Flyer Maker 2020. Where you will be facilitated in making posters, brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and others.

In addition to high quality, this one application also provides more than 10 million background options. So, it can help you create poster designs, the results of which can be competed with posters from other applications.

8. The Best Editor – Postershop

Postershop will not only help you to make posters, but also make the best quotes.

No wonder, because at Postershop there are approximately 39 cool templates, which you can choose from. These templates are also the main advantages of this application for Android. 

As a poster editor that is not inferior to other applications, Postershop does provide complete and capable editing tools .

9. Easy Poster Editing with Poster Maker & Poster Designer

The main thing about the Poster Maker & Poster Designer graphic design application is that it provides a large selection of editing tools and designs.

There are many choices of frames and backgrounds that can be used. Furthermore, you can edit photos for posters according to your needs.

The result, editing photos and posters using this Poster Maker & Poster Designer application, will be very detailed and satisfying.

10. Editing Fun Posters with PostWrap

The PostWrap application is an application to make free posters on the last cellphone that you can choose.

The absence of template options in the PostWrap application, does not necessarily make it abandoned. On the other hand, you can still rely on this one application because it has other advantages.

PostWrap can help you turn a line of text into a poster. That’s why PostWrap is popular as an application for creating posters with lots of text. 

In PostWrap, you can create a poster with or without a background option . Don’t forget to use the Fine Tune feature, for text placement, font type , color, and text effects.

Also use cool features like Pinch Zoom, to adjust the size of the text you use.


How to make posters on cellphones is currently very easy, you only need to download these Poster Making Applications. 

You can also choose the free version or the paid version, of course, according to your needs. That’s the best lineup of 10 Poster Making Applications.

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