How to Download Video Story IG Without APK Application

How to Download Video Story IG Without APK Application

If you are a fan of Instagram Download Video social media from the beginning until now, of course, you follow every development, right? Yes, IG has changed a lot now, not only photos that can be uploaded to Facebook’s social media, but now the Story and Reels video features have been overwhelming.

With the Story and Reels video trend, many content creators make various interesting videos with the aim of making their videos viral.

If the video is viral, it’s no wonder many people repost to get a high impression or just update it to make it look up to date.

You must have come across a viral video that is used by many people, right? Well, usually they download viral Story videos or IG reels to re-upload their accounts.

Actually, this method is not good, but in fact, it works and can increase impressions and interactions.

Download Story IG Without App APK

If you also want to get a viral Instagram download video Story to be used as content, you can follow the steps below.

How to download Story IG without apk

Visit Website Download video story IG

You can visit the service website at For information, this website can be used to download anything on Instagram download including videos, stories, reels, and profile pictures, it can even download Tiktok videos.

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Choose the menu as you wish

Next, you select the menu according to your needs, if you want to download the Story, please select the Instagram Stories Downloader menu, if you want to download Reels IG, please select the menu.

Enter the IG Username you want to download

Interestingly, this website service requires us to enter the IG username that we want to download the Story or Reels video, so there is no need to bother copying and pasting the video link again.

Please, my friend, enter the target ig username in the section provided and click the continue button.

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Download Video

For example, we were directed to the IG profile page that we want to download, you will immediately be shown the video Story that is currently appearing which can be downloaded directly from that page.

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theinstadpwebsite is very easy to download to use, even friends can change to the Reels menu.

If you want to download Reels videos on the same account, as well as download videos or IG photos with just one click, you will be displayed with the content of your choice.

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Please select the video story, reels, or photos you want to download and click download.

The final word

Actually, there are many website services to download IG video stories without an APK application, but in our opinion, the techjustify website is very representative of several other websites,

If the website is dead or inaccessible then we will find other recommended friends. Hope it is useful.

We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. This is a free service that we offer, We read every message we receive.

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