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Big Head Photo Editor Free Apps For Android 2022

Big Head Photo Editor Apps For Android – Those are some applications to edit big head photos & caricature photos easily and quickly. Some of these applications can be downloaded through the Play store on various devices. Get creative with creating unique photos.

What is a caricature?

A caricature is a drawing style whose depiction exaggerates an object.

One of the characteristics of a caricature is that the head becomes large. Usually these caricatures often appear in the political media.

Currently making a big head caricature can be done only through photo editing applications . This photo editing application, there is a feature to edit the head to be large.

Big Head App for Android

This photo editing face becomes a big head, how to use it is simple, just enter your photo and then the application will automatically turn your face into a big head.

Here’s a big head photo editing application that has good results:

Caricatures & Cartoon Photo – Nachosware Prank Games

Big Head Photo Editor App: Caricature From Your Photos – Nachosware Prank Games
Big Head Photo Editor App


  • Caricature for male and female faces
  • Turn photos into favorite cartoons
  • A variety of cute artistic filters are available

Please note that this application is available for all devices. Through this application, you can easily and quickly make photo caricatures. For example, if you want to make your head big, you can take advantage of existing features to make the image more unique and interesting.

This app is availablefreeon Playstore to create caricatures automatically using funny filters. In addition, it can also turn into the face of animals such as dogs, cats, and others.

All existing cartoon artistic filters with big heads can be obtained for free. The results of photo editing can also be shared via social media for memes or gifs.

Photo Wrap – PWA STUDIO


  • Make animated wraps into gif
  • Edit photos in more detail with pinch zoom
  • Image result with high resolution

This application can also make your head big like a caricature. Users can get this application for free through the Playstore. The results of photo editing into gifs can be shared via social media with friends.

The method is very easy because you only need to take a selfie photo and then edit a large head photo or other model with quality results. You can also select photos directly from the gallery for editing.

Through this application, editing photos to make facial curves, stretch arms, make fat or thin is very easy.

Moreover, this application uses pinch zoom, so that the editing results are more detailed. This application is a photo editing application for large heads or other unique caricature models.


Caricature Photo Maker – Eyebird


  • Turn a photo into a caricature of a big head and a small body
  • Take photos directly from camera or gallery
  • High resolution editing results

Photo editing on Android phones is made easier because of the Caricature Photo Maker application. You will look like a professional caricature designer because you can easily turn your photo into a big head in minutes. This big head photo editing app is available for all devices.

The results of image editing can then be shared via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on for entertainment.

Through this application, it is easier for everyone to be creative in making their and their family’s photos more interesting with caricature models.

Download:Caricature Photo Maker – Eyebird

Artist AI Caricature


  • Big head photo editor
  • Available caricatures for men’s and women’s faces
  • Cute artistic filters for auto caricature

By using this application, it will be easier to edit the head so it looks like a caricature model.

Add artistic photo filters to make caricature images more interesting. With the presence of this application, everyone can become a professional caricature designer to be creative in making photos into cartoons with big heads.

Uniquely, the results of image editing in this application can be made into funny gifs or memes on social media. The method is very easy because you just click the share button to share it with friends on social media.

This app is already downloaded by many users on their devices. Get a fun caricature photo editing experience with various photo editing apps on Playstore.

Download:Artist AI Caricature

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Hopefully, you are like this Photo Editing Application to Turn Heads Big on Android Phones. Get creative with creating unique photos.

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