Best App to add text to photos

Best App to add text to photos

Best App to add text to photos – Post editing an image is an important step before posting it on social media. Especially the photos with the lines “Quotes” will be more impressive than ever. Fun Phone will send you the newest and easiest-to-use list of apps to insert text into photos for free.

Why should you write text, insert text into photos on your phone?

Not only in making your photos more sparkling, using apps that support editing, apps that insert text into photos also help:

  • Show the details of the content and orientation of the photo
  • Protect your own copyright
  • Show your ability, photo editing techniques
  • Avoid the widespread use of your image

Best apps to insert text into photos in iPhone and Android

When you want your photos to become “better”, please refer to the following free apps to insert text into photos.

Best App to add text to photos


Picsart is a professional photo editing application, which has the function of writing text on photos. Inserting text into Picsart photos is not only simple, but users can also quickly merge multiple photos into one. How to insert text on photos with Picsart is simple with many unique artistic fonts.

Not only is an app to add text to photos , Picsart also supports many advanced photo editing functions such as background separation, removing redundant details, labeling, etc.

Highlights of App Picsart

  • Create photo collages quickly, many jigsaw frames for buyers to choose from.
  • Edit images: add effects, crop photos, beautify, adjust skin color, add filters, add text, …
  • Provide users with more than 3 million stickers for you to freely edit.
  • Create captivating effects for mesmerizing photos.
  • Make unique photos, share quickly on social networks.
  • Create your own stickers.
  • Painting has available means.

=> Platform: Android varies by phone, iOS 11.0 and above.


The easy way to add text to photos is to use the Snapseed app. How to insert text into photos on Snapseed is quite simple with an easy-to-use interface, diverse fonts, and easy rotation and movement.

In addition, the app also supports many professional features and diverse color filters.


Lightroom is a popular photo editing application that many people choose. The application is more suitable for professionals with many advanced editing features.

However, if you only use color filters or insert text into photos with Lightroom, there is no need to worry. How to insert text in Lightroom on your phone is very simple because Lightroom will support the above work with just a few simple steps.

After Photo

To insert text into photos on iPhone, users can refer to the After Photo application. After Photo with diverse, beautiful fonts. Especially this is a free app to insert text into images, users will not need to pay for use. After Photo with easy-to-use tools, suitable for many different users.

However, After Photo has a disadvantage that there are ads, which sometimes annoys users during use.


An application to insert text into photos on the next phone introduced is Quick. Quick is an application that can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems. As the name suggests, Quick helps users add text to photos quickly.

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Photoshop Online Free Photo Editor 2022

Adding text to Android photos via Quick is very simple thanks to the easy-to-use and very light app interface. But one drawback of Quick is that the image will be heavily watermarked when exporting.


Pixlr – is a professional photo editing application software with many tools to edit, crop, rotate, paste… There are various and rich filters and effects.


  • There is also a shortened version/phone app.
  • Easily customizable with the interface.
  • In particular, it is possible to edit photos flexibly on laptops and PCs just through the browser.


  • Contains advertising content, slightly annoying for users when installing.
  • Flash Player 3rd software needs to be installed.

Story Art

Story Art is a versatile application with modern color tones used to edit and create Instagram stories.


  • This toolkit is diverse in image editing, adding text, customizing colors professionally according to each individual’s preferences.
  • There are more than 2000 designs available, diverse.
  • More than 30 fonts for adding photos that you customize.
  • Save sharp, quality photos to your phone, and share through various social networking sites.


Another application to insert text into photos on other phones is Typorama. The application is not really popular with ordinary users but it will be very useful if your aesthetic eye is not really good

With Typorama, when writing on photos, it will be automatically converted into impressive typography. Typorama also supports many different layouts for users to choose from. Users do not need to think about the layout but only need pictures and text, the rest Typorama will handle.

In addition to some of the above applications, you can also use some specialized Techjustify to edit or refer to some other popular apps such as Phonto, PicLab, Font Candy, Word Swag, etc.

Above are some beautiful photo writing apps for both Iphone and Android. Hopefully the article will help you manipulate inserting text, editing more information into the image more effectively. Thank you for reading this article, wish you always good health and success.

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