Best Apps to Play Youtube in Background on iPhone & Android

Best Apps to Play Youtube in Background on iPhone & Android

Best Apps to Play Youtube in Background on iPhone & Android – Youtube is one of the most popular online music and video streaming applications today. With a rich music store, many genres have chosen to listen to music on Youtube. 

But have you ever found it inconvenient because the music will turn off when you exit the application, making you unable to listen to music continuously. Do not worried! 

Below will be the Best Apps to Play Youtube in Background to listen music, both to help you listen to music comfortably, while avoiding overheating, and saving battery.

What are the Best Apps to Play Youtube in Background on iPhone & Android?

Youtube is an application that allows users to share videos for free. As of 2017, YouTube has taken away 1 billion hours of video viewing from users.

However, in it, the number of people who come here just to listen to their favorite music also accounts for a significant number. 

One inconvenience when listening to music on this platform is that users will have to open the screen during their music viewing process, but not turn off the screen like other major music players such as: Soundcloud or Spotify, Deezer , etc.

At this time, the YouTube music application that turns off the screen is an effective support application. The application allows users to listen to music even when the screen is off.

Best Apps to Play youtube with Screen off in iPhone

Tube Master App

This is a very useful youtube music player app when the screen is off , replacing youtube performing the function of listening to music when the screen is off. By we perform the process of downloading youtube music application when turning off the iPhone screen as follows:

  • Step 1 : Open the application, click on the magnifying glass icon to find the song.
  • Step 2 : Then you just need to click on the song you want to listen to, you can exit the screen and still enjoy the selected song.

This is a very useful Youtube music player when the screen is off, but the content is loaded quite slowly after you open the video. Tube Master also has a feature to choose many favorite songs to play music.

Music app

Music app to listen to youtube music off the screen is highly appreciated for use on iPhone. The highlight of Music is owning a beautiful interface and a reasonable and easy layout. You can create playlists for easier use and listening to music. Listen to music according to the mood (like professional music applications Spotify or Apple Music.

Moreover, if you use two phones, then get the application code to attach to another device that uses Music, your playlist will be synced.

Step 1 : Download the Music app on the App Store with the link:

Step 2 : After installing Music on iPhone is complete, open the application, in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select “Search”, then enter the song name and “Find”.

Step 3 : A list of songs will appear, select the song you want to listen to. Immediately the application will play this song, you can turn off the screen but still listen to the music as usual.

With Music you can adjust the music according to your preferences, to display songs according to the music you require.

YouListen app

First, the main interface of the app will give you a very user-friendly structure of recent listens, recommendations and my playlists. In the explore section is an area that allows you to search for suggested videos by categories: News, music, … through the youtube music player application off the screen.

To use YouListen and experience listening to YouTube music on iPhone, do the following:

Download the application at the link:

  • Register with gmail, create password and login account
  • In the main interface, you can choose the song you want to listen to and play with the timeline: 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour.

Besides, YouListen also allows you to add music to the playlist, open the autoplay feature or play at a faster and slower speed like on Youtube.

Best Apps to Play youtube with Screen off in Android

Here are the applications and ways for you to listen to YouTube music when the Android screen is off .

Using the Google Chrome app

This is an advantage of Android smartphones, being able to listen to YouTube music when the screen is off right on Google Chrome. Apply some techjustify tricks to help you easily do the operations right below!

Step 1 . First, you need to start Google Chrome, then enter access to the Youtube application through Google Chrome and proceed to find the music video you want to listen to.

Step 2 : At the video display frame, select the 3-dot icon located in the upper right corner. Then click on “Request desktop site”.

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At this point, a new interface will appear, go to the main screen, and swipe from the top to open the notification bar. Click “Play” to continue playing the video on the youtube music application off the screen.

Use YouTube Red

This is a youtube music player with off the screen for those who want simple and quick operation.

To download Youtube Red , first you need to go to the “Settings” of your phone, select the “Security” section, and then activate “Install apps from unknown sources”.

Next you download the YouTube Red application, after downloading you install it as usual. Then you download the following support tool to help you log in to your Google account on Youtube Red.

Once done, a new YouTube app will appear, similar to the YouTube you are using. You just need to search and select the video you want to watch, then press “Play”, and turn off the screen to enjoy.

Use Coc Coc app

Step 1:  Download Coc Coc browser on your phone. Then go to YouTube with Coc Coc, then find the video you want to open.

Step 2 : Select the Coc Coc icon located in the upper right corner. Then a menu bar appears, select the item “Show desktop version”.

Step 3 : Then you click play video as usual. When you turn off the screen, the music still plays normally.

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