Best MP3 Cutter and Joiner for PC

Best MP3 Cutter and Joiner for PC

Best MP3 Cutter and Joiner for PCMP3files are a very popular file type in the music industry and are supported by any device or multimedia player.

If you have music in mp3 format it is possible that you need, sooner or later, tocut or merge mp3, in order to create for example ringtones for your mobile phone, or create an mp3 medley (i.e. a concatenation and mixing more mp3 songs), or remove unwanted parts of an mp3, etc …

To meet all these needs you need a program that can cut and/or merge MP3s in a simple and effective way. Below we report what we believe to be thebest MP3 Cutter and MP3 Joineror programs to cut or join MP3s.

Best MP3 Cutter and Joiner for PC

Kanto Audio Mix

Kanto Audio Mixis ​​a program released just a few weeks ago and has already been very successful thanks to its ease of use and the many features available. In addition to cutting and merging MP3 files, this program is a real “Audio Editor” that is, it also allows you to change the audio equalization and other parameters such as pitch, speed and volume.

The functions ofcutting and merging mp3 they are simple to apply because, after having imported the mp3 song, just use the appropriate cursors to decide the part of the mp3 song to be cut. If, on the other hand, you want to combine and concatenate several mp3 songs, you simply have to import all the files into the program and these will be automatically considered “concatenated”.

For an even more professional result (both in the cutting and joining phase) you can also apply fade out orcrossfadeeffects (an effect that allows you to mix the final part of a song and the initial part of the new one in a to get a professional combination, like the one made by DJs!).


Audacityis a very popular open-source program for those who do “audio editing”. It has numerous features and among these also that ofcutting / joining mp3 songs. Once the mp3 songs have been imported into the program, you will see as many graphs as there are songs imported into the program (the same thing also happens with Kanto Audio Mix).

On these graphics you will be able to work to cut or merge the mp3 files as you wish. It is a free program but, compared to Kanto Audio Mix, it can be less intuitive and easier to use.

MP3 Toolki

As its name already suggests,MP3 Toolkitis a set of tools that allows you to work with MP3 files. It allows you tocut and join mp3sand at the same time, it allows you to convert them into different formats of music tracks (MP3, WMA, WMV, MP4, WAV, OGG, FLAC and APE).

In addition to cutting and merging MP3s, you can edit song tags, rip music CDs, etc…. It is a free and very simple to use program. Works on all Windows systems.


Mp3DirectCutis another free software that allows you toedit MP3 files byperforming operations such as trimming, joining/concatenating, adding audio effects, and so on. Its main feature is the ability to save MP3s without re-encoding them.

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Tomerge mp3you have to open the first mp3, select it entirely, and copy it. Then you will have to open the second mp3, place the cursor at the end of the song and paste the previously copied song. It’s a bit cumbersome as a process, but it works!

Free Audio Editor

Free Audio Editoris a program designed toedit audio fileswith a very simple and intuitive interface in theRibbonstyle , similar to that of Office. It supports input not only MP3 audio files but also wav, WMA, and Ogg allowing not only to cut or paste them together but also to add special effects. Finally, it allows you to burn audio CDs or export the edited songs to mp3.

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