7 Best Photo Viewers for Windows 11 in 2024

7 Best Photo Viewers For Windows 11 in 2022

Best Photo Viewers for Windows 11 – To work with photos and create screencasts, you do not have to limit yourself to software from Microsoft – you can install a more advanced and convenient photo viewer in Windows 11.

Best Photo Viewers for Windows 11


One of the oldest and most popular photo editing software, Picasa was created in 2002. Then the application was bought by Google, and in 2016 it stopped supporting it – now the company offers users to use Google Photos, where all images from Picasa were ported. However, Picasa still runs smoothly on modern Windows 11 computers.

The utility has tools for viewing and simple editing of images: cropping, retouching, creating collages, and adding effects. Photos can be emailed directly from the app. Viewing files is available in full screen mode and as a slide show. However, the program does not display animations in GIF format.

Go to Picasa

Google Photos

Actually, the current replacement for Picasa and just a good application for viewing photos on a computer. It is convenient that the service can be used simultaneously on all devices – smartphones (including iPhones), tablets, PC. 

It is enough to log into your Google account on all gadgets and set up automatic saving of photos: then all images taken, for example, on a smartphone , can be opened from a tablet and vice versa.

The application can be used online – through a browser. Photos up to 16MP resolution and videos up to 1080p HD will be uploaded to the cloud for free and in unlimited quantities – but the space for large files is limited to 15GB or a paid subscription plan.

Photos in Google Photos are conveniently divided into albums by location and subjects in the frame. The application also has a built-in editor for simple image correction: you can apply an effect, adjust the brightness or crop the image. 

Another handy feature is a smart search for items that are in the photo. For example, when you enter the query “cat”, the service will return all your photos in which it finds cats.

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Another free photo viewer for Windows that will also work on Mac OS and Linux. The application was released back in 1998, but is still supported by developers and updated – although you can’t say that by the outdated interface design.

In XnView, you can view images in a window and full screen mode, create slide shows, and open video files. The program also supports animated GIFs and multi-page images. 

Unusual features include access to EXIF ​​and IPTC information and the ability to count the number of colors in an image. You can also edit photos: there are buttons for cropping, rotating, converting colors, adding text and effects.

Download XnView

Zoner Photo Studio

If you want the best photo viewer for Windows 11 with a powerful editor, check out Zoner Photo Studio. The developer calls his application only an alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop – it can process RAW, use layers, curves and other tools of professional editors.

The program also has a built-in video editor that will help you create a presentation or slide show. Convenient filters are provided for viewing photos on a computer so that the user can sort even huge photo archives by date, keywords and location.

Download Zoner Photo Studio

Carambis PhotoTrip

Carambis PhotoTrip is another program for viewing photos on a computer, and it works on all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 11. Unlike Zoner, there are not so many editing tools here, but ample opportunities for cataloging and publishing photos. For example, directly from the application they can be uploaded to social networks.

It is also convenient that PhotoTrip can recognize geotags and link photos to locations on the map. The program makes it easy to sort files into albums using different categories, and if necessary, correct the colors of images and improve their quality.

Download Carambis PhotoTrip

FastStone Image Viewer

The FastStone image viewer boasts a large set of features for working with photos. The software supports not only JPEG, but also such formats as BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF. Also, the application can be used as a converter to change the file extension.

Here you can change the resolution and crop images, apply filters, adjust colors, add captions and frames to photos, and remove red-eye. All this while preserving the editing history. 

The FastStone library offers to apply tags, add comments to photos and compare them with each other. In general, a fairly functional viewer, and also free.  

Download FastStone Image Viewer 

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ACDSee Photo Studio

ACDSee helps you organize your photos on your Windows PC and show them to your friends as a slideshow. Also, using the utility, you can create a presentation, a PDF document, an HTML album, or burn a photo to disk.

Like FastStone, ACDSee will help you convert image formats – more than 130 extensions are supported in total. Also, through the plugin, you can view photos that are packed in ZIP and LHA. 

There is also a built-in editor for changing the color depth, inserting text and adding animated effects to the photo.

Download ACDSee Photo Studio

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