How to Use Google Trends For Content Marketing

How to Use Google Trends For Content Marketing

How to Use Google Trends For Content MarketingGoogle Trends can easily be called the best analytical tool for filling websites with relevant and valuable content. How to apply it in the current realities?

What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective and most used marketing methods for companies of all shapes and sizes. Experienced marketers know a lot of secrets and tricks on how to come up with quality content.

Not every novice webmaster will be able to get an adequate result in content marketing. One of the best ways for a beginner is a tool called Google Trends that allows you to find the most popular topics and keywords. With its help, it is easy to track the dynamics of requests for a specific topic, region, and other criteria.

Today we will share a couple of tips on how to use Google Trends (Google Trends) to write high-quality and relevant material:

How to Use Google Trends For Content Marketing

Tip #1: Look for Popular Article Topics

One of the main challenges of content marketing is to come up with fresh content topics that can captivate your target audience.

With Google Trends, you can analyze search queries in visual graphs, view country-specific information, and highlight other related queries.

By using popular content themes, you will get more traffic.

Just turn on the filters to find the right category that is most interesting and relevant to your target audience:

Topic relevant to your business

The topic is interesting for the target audience

· Topics relevant to your knowledge

Tip #2: Use Google Correlate

This feature helps identify topics that users are interested in and associations between different search trends. This is the only tool to perform such an analysis, but many people are not aware of its existence and capabilities.

Just enter a word in Google Correlate and get a list of correlated search queries with match ratios, a visual graph of normalized search activity, and a filter by region.

Thanks to the unique functionality, you can make the content as close as possible to the interests of the target audience of the site.

Tip #3: Improve Your Keyword Research

In addition to being creative and engaging, content also needs to be SEO-optimized to increase search engine visibility.

If you look at the Google Trends toolbar, you will see the “Analyze” button on the left. Here you can enter various search terms and find out which ones are in demand. When you find the most interesting ones, compare them by popularity and other important parameters.

Why you need Google Trends search query analysis:

· Frequently used keywords increase the chances of content being found by the target audience in search. Just optimize the content for the most relevant keywords and make sure the text is relevant.

· Analysis allows you to write articles in the same language that potential clients write. People prefer to search Google in simple everyday language – this vocabulary must be taken into account.

Use the functionality to the fullest, but remember: the more popular the keywords, the more competitor companies are trampling on this niche. Overtaking them in the search results will help the high quality of articles and the promotion of material in social networks according to all the rules of SMM.

When you’re done searching for the perfect keywords, you can scroll down to see suggested related topics for those keywords.

This useful feature helps webmasters find missing keywords and generate original ideas for future articles.

Highly recommended!

Tip #3: Make the Right Content Calendar

A well-designed content calendar is critical in marketing. It is necessary to plan the publication of articles in such a way that each material comes out at the best moment for it, when the topic is in trend.

The functionality of Google Trends allows you not only to judge topics or search queries revolving around your audience, but also to predict the time for publication of materials. If you’re writing about health products, it’s easy to spot the moment for an article about heating pads or fitness trackers.

You probably do a lot of work, studying the interests of the target audience and compiling unique, interesting, optimized content. Don’t waste your efforts by posting it on a day of no user interest!

Tip #4: Use Google Trends for Branding

First of all, Google Trends allows you to understand how your brand is perceived against competitors. Based on this information, you can make informed decisions regarding the company’s branding on the Internet.

For the first information, specify the country, search period, industry type, and compare the most popular brands. Of course, this feature works better for large and well-known brands, but small companies can also benefit by limiting the search area to the appropriate region.

Because Google Trends allows you to access real-time data from thousands of searches, you can leverage big business-related events in some way. During such events, search queries literally skyrocket, providing valuable food for thought.

Tip #5: Study Local Demand Trends

Another useful feature that Google Trends has to offer is the ability to look for isolated, local demand trends. Search engines absorb everything that Internet users live, that is, 90% of people.

Thanks to search queries, you can organize data related to the purchase of various goods and services in a certain part of the world. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about cosmetics, sports equipment or something else – the function will tell you the volume of demand for any product.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about your market and what customers really want to buy online. Here is a real klondike of marketing opportunities, a chance to properly allocate resources and achieve success!

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Recently, Google Trends updated the Google News Lab to offer an analysis of current trends. Read and learn how to increase sales and promote products with the right and most importantly timely content.

An interesting fact: American journalists actively used this tool to write articles during the US presidential race.

They searched candidates by the county to find out ratings, issues noted in debates, post-debate ratings, and all sorts of interesting statistics that could benefit the content.

In this way, advanced technophiles increased the credibility of publications, giving them maximum value and relevance.

Indeed, why wait for the official publication of surveys and figures, when you can squeeze everything out of Google? But one should be careful in terms of claims and loud forecasts, as is the case with any unofficial information.

Our Conclusion

Google Trends has dozens of useful features that are not yet familiar to novice webmasters and content marketers. Use this to your advantage by creating relevant and truly valuable content!

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