10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android in 2023

10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2022

10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android – Today’s Android smartphones, especially the top ones, have exceptionalphotographic capabilities, with stabilization, extreme zooms, and resolutions up to8K. But after shootinghundreds of videos, you need toretouch, maybequickbecause you’re on the go, before sharing them.

And this is where thevideo editing apps come in now realsuitesthat allow us to make thecorrectionswe need to make perfect movies, such ascutting, removingblur, someeffects,and more, as well as our relatives and friends (or who knows,followerson TikTok ) will be able to relive our emotions.

In this list, we will show you themost versatile on the market, which perhaps allows you to perform effectiveediting, with fine adjustments or not based on thelevel of experience of the user.We will give more prominence to completebut free apps, which do not affixwatermarks, giving space to even the most particular proposals.

10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android

YouCut / Video.Guru


YouCutand Video.Guru are two great free video editing apps,perhapsthe best in this regard, that allow you to export1080pandwatermark-freevideos . We put them together because they are reallysimilar(and in fact they are both developed by InShot).

The differences arein the initial interface, with an icon to add videos in the shape of+developed in a different way, but the rest is just the same. The editinginterface is verycleanandclearand doesn’t have too manycompatibility issuesfor videos shot with other devices.

To create a project, click on the + button and then import your video. You can addeffects, music,lyrics,emojisand much more. There is a difference here, why

  • YouCutisthe free versiononly allows you to upload music from your device oraudio effects
  • Video.Guru alsoallows you to uploadsongsfrom your library, after a 30-second advertisement

You can review the video and once ready you cansaveby pressing the button. A window will open to choose theresolution,framesandquality, then you can save to thegalleryor share.

The apps can also be used very well inthe free version.For those who want something more there is the paid version,4.99 eurosper year or13.99 eurosone-off.




Source: memuplay

InShotis anothernon-traditionalfreevideo editor butsimpleand immediate for those who want to edit videos to be distributed onsocial media, and the videocreation page clearly clarifies the intended use.Its main features are:

  • Wide choice ofmusic
  • Ability tocropand create video clips
  • Specific videoreports for TikTok and Instagram
  • Ability tomerge multiple clipsinto one
  • Ability to addtexts
  • Speed​​regulation
  • Fantastictransitions
  • Ability to changewallpaperwith one click
  • Lots offiltersavailabl

InShotisn’t the video editor for those who want in-depth control over theirproduction, but it does exactly what it promises: a gateway to social media and it does it incrediblywell. Thefree version allows1080pexport andwatermarks, butcompatibilitywith other formats is great and is definitely an editor to try.


VN Video Editor

VN Video Editoris a really cool app. First of all, thefreeversion does not affixwatermarks and allows1080pexport, and while it lacksadvanced featuresit has all the features you could want from a smartphone video editor. The app offers full compatibility with movies from other devices and allows:

  • video filters
  • effects
  • transitions
  • easy to usetimeline
  • greatvideo cropping
  • models

When exporting, you can choose24FPSand60FPSand even change thebitrate. Obviously there are limitations, and they are due to the maximumnumber of projectsthat can be created daily in the free version, but otherwise it is excellent.




ActionDirectoris one of the most popular video editing apps onPCandAndroid. It isfreeand allows you to export videos at1080p, and while affixing awatermarkit allows you toremoveit by watching a shortadvertisement. Among its main features we have

  • clearand simple interface
  • manyeffects
  • many filters
  • adding texts, includinganimated ones
  • backgrounds
  • wide choice ofmusicandmusical effects
  • manyfixesavailable, clippings
  • in the paid version canexport to 4K

As you can see,ActionDirectoris one of the most advancedvideo editors you can use.As anticipated at the beginning, it allows you toremove the watermarkby watching an advertisement. You can do this at any time within the editor.

  1. At the bottom right of the videopreview you will see thewatermark
  2. Clickon it and a box with anX will appear
  3. Click on the Xand you will be offeredWatch advertising to remove watermark
  4. The advertisement will last 15 seconds and after that the watermark will be removed

Obviously there is a limit to thenumber of timesfor which you can perform the operation, but there are not a few,10 per day, so more than enough to indulge yourself with yourfree videos. Once the video is complete, click onProduceat the top right, set the resolution and frames and you can save the video in your phone’sGallery .



VideoShow is a ratherpopularvideo editor app that comes with anintuitive interface, as well as being reliable and easy to use. The free version only exports at720p, offers someadvertisingand affixes thewatermark(which can be removed by watching a commercial). In addition to theessentialfunctions, the app offers:

  • texts
  • effects
  • musica
  • sound effects
  • possibility to perform livedubbing
  • 50different themes
  • ability tocompressvideo
  • blurred backgrounds
  • audiospeedadjustment
  • voice improvement
  • soundtrackscanbe converted to MP3
  • advancededitingfeatures

Among the cons we have a loss of video quality after export and thePremiumversion is a bitexpensiveat 9.99 euros per week or 25.99 euros per month, but as mentioned at the beginning you canremove the watermarkby looking a little ‘ofadvertising, which places it by right among thebeston our list.



PowerDirector is a greatvideo editingapp , although it adds awatermarkto your movie (as sadly all video editing apps from here on out) and compatibility with videos from other devices isn’t perfect.

Among its most interestingfeatures (for thefreeversion ) we have:

  • editand export videos in 1080p resolution (paid 4K)
  • fast forwardorslow motionwith speed regulation
  • video stabilizer
  • animatedtexts and titles
  • audio effects
  • filters
  • chroma-keyto replace the background

Upgrading to thepremiumversion offers more advanced templates andediting features, but thefreeversion is more than suitable for basic needs (watermark aside).




KineMasteris another great video editing app. Thefreeversion allows export at1080p, obviously with watermark, andcompatibilitywith other videos and formats is all in all good. Among the outstanding features we have:

  • Frame-by-frame crop
  • Multilayereffects
  • Great audioeffects
  • Keyframeanimation to add motion to layers
  • Speed​​control
  • Coloradjustment
  • Automaticimprovements

The interface is reallyintuitiveand it is no coincidence that KineMaster is very popular withYouTubers. The app also offers a trial for the premium version, but thewatermarkaside is really to be recommended.


GoPro Quik

GoPro Quikis an app developed specifically for editingGoProvideos , but it also works great withsmartphonevideos and is surprisinglyeasyto use for creatingoriginalmovieswith lots ofeffects.The app allows 1080pexport even in thefreeversion and offers something different in the panorama of video editing apps.

With a simpletouch, the app searches for thehighlightsand repeats them in amoviethat can then be retouched bytheme(there are two dozen available),cropping,music, writing and more. Obviously it’s not for someone looking for full control of their video, but for something to dofastit’s really great.

It’s definitely an app to try, although thefreeversion adds theapp nameto the end of the movie.



Funimate is anothersocial media-oriented app and, true to its inspiration, it will offer you someadvertising in thefreeversion , allow export at720pand as if that weren’t enough, it willwatermarkvideos. Its main features are:

  • Great forshootingand editingvideosfor TikTok
  • Over100advanced video effects
  • Instant loopeffect for social media
  • Emojisand clipstickers
  • Blendingandcuttingtools
  • 15 video filters

If you are looking for a serious editor, perhaps you will not be comfortable withFunimatewhich, as the name suggests, tries more to give a funny look to the videos in order to make them go viral. The app is verypopular with TikTokusers , because it feels like it was made for theplatform, adding useful features thatthe social appdoesn’t have.

Apparently it seems that among TikTokinfluencersit is very popular to bring the end of the videos back to the beginningand Funimate makes it easy to create this effect with itsautomatic looping tool.

If you like to createshort videosfull of exciting content and catchy music,Funimateis the app for you.



FilmoraGo is one of the bestvideo editorapps , although unfortunately you need to access thepaidversion to take full advantage of its features . Thefreeversion in fact allows you to export the video at720pand affix awatermark, but offers many effects and filters. From the point of view offunctionalitywe have:

  • very easy to useinterface
  • professionalediting
  • rendering
  • reverseplayback
  • wide choice offormatsfor social media
  • slow motion
  • transitions
  • music
  • overlaps
  • viewingclipsin real time
  • importphotos and videos from social networks

From a compatibilitystandpoint with videos from other devices, it’s not flawless, but all in all the app offers enough. Even for thePremiumversion , which costs€ 30.99,it only allows export at1080pand can be furtherenhancedwith in-app purchases.


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