Best Music Recognition Apps For iPhone and Android

Best Music Recognition Apps For iPhone and Android

Best Music Recognition Apps for iPhone and Android – Did you listen to a song on the radio while you were in your car and couldn’t figure out who the singer or band in question was? Have you heard new music on the commercial and you absolutely want to hear it again?

These are just some of the scenarios where it can be useful to have a music recognition app on hand. In this article you will find the best free music recognition apps available for Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad).Advertising

These apps take advantage of an online database and a sophisticated sound recognition engine that, in seconds, offer you the song title and singer, with other additional information.

Note: all the reported services carry out the recognition of the songs online, therefore they require an Internet connection to function correctly.

Recognize music via Voice Assistant

First let’s see how to recognize a song without installing apps, but using the voice assistants present on any smartphone, such as the Google Voice Assistant or the assistant present in the iPhone and iPad, or Siri. By simply using the voice commands we will be able to recognize any music that is playing in our vicinity.


On iPhones and iPads, recognizing any piece of music is an easy and extremely fast operation. First call up the Siri voice assistant by saying “ Hey Siri ” or by holding down the Home button.

To make him recognize the song you are listening to you will now have to pronounce one of these two sentences:

  • What song are we listening to?
  • What song is it?

On the screen of your iPhone/iPad a box will appear with the wording “ Let’s see a little ” as indicated in the image above on the left.

In a few seconds, Siri will automatically start listening to the song, providing you with the title and author of the song, as you can see in the right part of the image above.

Google Assistant 

On Android, the music recognition operation is just as simple and does not require the installation of any app, but just take advantage of the Google voice assistant on the smartphone.

Start immediately by opening the Google voice assistant, looking for the icon in the list of your applications (see the example in the image below on the left), or on some smartphones you can find it by swiping (swiping your finger) on the home, from left to right (right example).

Once the Google Assistant is open, proceed with these steps:

  1. Click on the icon depicting a microphone
  2. In the screen that opens, click on the button ” Search for a song “

Bring the microphone closer to the device that is playing the music to be identified (alternatively, I inform you that the voice assistant often manages to identify songs even simply by humming or whistling them, but logically it depends on how similar to the original song you are able to do it) .

Wait a few seconds, and Google will return the name of the song and lots of other information.

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Best Music Recognition Apps For iPhone and Android


Among the best services to recognize music tracks we certainly find Shazam , perfect for identifying any song in a few seconds, and discovering artists, lyrics, videos and playlists, all for free.

Furthermore, within the application, through the Shazam charts, you can discover the most loved songs in your city or across the country and receive playlist recommendations to discover new music.

To start music recognition, simply open the app, press the large button in the center and bring the device’s microphone closer to the sound source.

In a few seconds Shazam will recognize the song, showing you the title, author, full text, link to listen to the song or to legally download it on your device. The widget to be placed on the screens to speed up the recognition of the song is also very convenient.

DOWNLOAD |  Shazam  (Android)

DOWNLOAD |  Shazam  (iOS)

Shazam’s only limitation is the lack of recognition of the songs sung with the voice or arranged, so no recognition when humming a song.


The best alternative to Shazam among the apps to recognize the title of songs is SoundHound , available for free using the links below.

To use the app, simply open it and click on the button in the center, then bring the microphone of the smartphone or tablet closer to the sound source to be recognized. SoundHound will quickly find the title of the song, with a database very similar to Shazam’s.

The peculiarity of this app is that it also accepts hummed or arranged songs, so if you know a song just for a few verses or a few words, just hum it in the app to find the song.

DOWNLOAD |  SoundHound  (Android)

DOWNLOAD |  SoundHound  (iOS)

In the latter case, the app is not always very accurate, a lot depends on your singing skills.


The Musixmatch app , in addition to recognizing the songs by listening to them, allows you to read the lyrics and the translation of each song in many languages ​​without having to search the internet.

You can download the app for Android and iOS devices for free from the following links:

The operation to start recognizing the music you are listening to is identical to the previous apps. The app, among the additional features, allows you to view the lyrics while you are playing music through your favorite music app (Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, etc.).

DOWNLOAD |  Musixmatch  (Android)

DOWNLOAD |  Musixmatch  (iOS)

Beatfind music recognition

Beatfind Music Recognition can identify songs and explore the albums they belong to, read artist biographies and discover the best songs of the identified song artist.

Beatfind allows you to play a musical preview of the track it has identified, with the possibility of listening to the music on Spotify, Deezer and Youtube. We can also perform a web search on the recognized track without typing words quickly and easily.

DOWNLOAD | Beatfind Music Recognition (Android)

Find the title of the music you prefer by trying one of these apps, surely there will be the one that’s right for you, able to recognize the music you love.

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