How to be a YouTuber for Beginners in 2023 (Step by Step)

How to be a YouTuber for Beginners 2022 (Step by Step)

How to be a YouTuber for Beginners (Step by Step) – More and more people, especially the new generations , decide to dedicate themselves professionally to the production of online content .Specifically, they wonder how to be a youtuber . With this guide we will try to understand how to transform a passion into a job.

How to be a YouTuber for Beginners (Step by Step)

Open A Channel

The first thing to do to understand how to be a youtuber is obviously to open a channel. Since YouTube is owned by Google , you must use Gmail to have an account. Once the registration is complete, on the YouTube website, click on ‘Sign in’ at the top right and immediately after on ‘Add new account’.

Then you will have to add a profile photo and a cover image . On the internet, images are very important, so the choice must be captivating and consistent with the subject matter. 

You will then need to write a short and direct description of the channel, also including links to any associated websites or other social networks. The name chosen, the personal image, the cover and the style must create a consistent brand image.

The Content Strategy to Know How To Be A Youtuber

Even before discovering how to be a youtuber, it is necessary to be clear about what you intend to talk about . The topics most used by youtubers , in general, are those related to video games , technology or makeup. But lately, formats with interviews with personalities or experts and topics related to current affairs also work well.

Whatever the topic chosen, the videos should look as professional as possible . Editing and photography are the two most important technical features. Irony and differentiation are the peculiarities that can lead to numerous visits. It must be clear, in fact, that the competition is very high.

Perhaps the essential thing to understand how to be a YouTuber is to know that the content makes the difference . Engaging the viewer for the first 5-10 seconds increases their engagement throughout the duration of the video. 

It is essential to create empathy , push the audience to interact positively with the content. In fact, visitors are potential subscribers. This means that once acquired they will become an ever-increasing source of visits.

These are some of the most used content strategies by successful youtubers .

  • Storytelling : the narrated theme presents the typical narrative structure of any story: prologue, objective of the narration, critical questions to be resolved, solutions and conclusions.
  • Tutorial – The interest, surprise, and excitement that this particular format arouses makes the user feel the need to discuss it with other people.
  • Thumbnails and Titles – Done right, these elements encourage viewers to watch the content because they give them a clue as to what to expect. In addition to making the video more visible to advertisers.

Best Tools To Be A YouTuber

If the content is king, the quality of the video, audio and lighting play a fundamental role in the success of a YouTuber . For this , some technical tools are needed:

Best Tools To Be A YouTuber 2
  • The camera : the cameras most used by most youtubers are of two types: reflex and compact. They allow you to make videos of excellent quality, without the need for large investments. The common feature is the folding screen, which can be rotated to view while recording. Of course you also have to have a few SD memory cards to store the recorded material.
  • The tripod : it is an essential tool that allows you to keep the image still and adjust the height of the camera, offering a stable and safe support.
  • The microphone : sound quality is as important as image quality. If a video has poor audio quality, the viewer will stop watching it. Therefore, it is best to avoid recording audio with the internal microphone and use an external microphone or recorder to avoid background noise or buzzing.
  • The lighting – Even with the best camera in the world, if the scene is poorly lit, details and colors won’t come through. It is recommended to avoid shadows especially on the face and to emphasize the subject in relation to the background.

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  • Editing : once the video has been recorded, the last phase, before uploading it to the platform, is editing . Professional programs such as Final Cut (Mac) or Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac and PC) are used for this. They are the most used since they offer many options. ScreenFlow (Mac) or Camtasia (Mac and PC) also allow screen recording, an option widely used by many gamers .

How to Spread the Videos in Youtube

  • SEO : It is essential to take care of the SEO settings so that the videos appear among the first on the search results page. The title, description, tags, playlists and categories are necessary to position the videos in Google and in the internal YouTube search engine.
  • Clickbait – Not the most elegant way to increase visits, but it can be very efficient. It’s about using titles or thumbnails that immediately catch the audience’s attention and invite them to click on the video. The important thing is that they are inherent to the subject matter.
  • Collaboration – Collaborating with other YouTubers can help you get views and subscribers from other ‘peers’.
  • Go viral : Once uploaded, videos should circulate as much as possible. Facebook competes with YouTube , so it does not reward this content. It can be useful to create a parallel blog. The call to action strategy  at the end of the video is also useful to invite the viewer to share, comment or refer to other content in the playlist. The content must be an interactive experience.
  • Follow the trends : dealing with fashionable topics is a double-edged sword that, however, if used well, can bring many advantages. The competition is much more numerous, but if you are successful you can achieve remarkable spikes in popularity.
  • Consistency – The channel must be constantly updated, with at least two videos posted per week.

There are many other aspects to know to fully understand how to be a youtuber, but with these basic concepts it is already possible to get an idea. Of course it is not as simple as it seems, but trying it is worth it

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