How To Connect a Xiaomi CellPhone With TV

How To Connect a Xiaomi CellPhone With TV

Now technology is getting more sophisticated. You Xiaomi cellphone users can enjoy a larger screen display by connecting it to a TV. How to connect a Xiaomi Cellphone with a TV is basically quite easy, as long as the conditions are met.

There are 2 methods to connect it, namely wireless (without cables) and using a cable. Of course, this way of mirroring a Xiaomi cellphone to a tv has many benefits.

Well, this time techjustify will discuss how to connect a Xiaomi cellphone to a led or non-led tv, both Samsung brands or other brands such as polytron.

Here’s how to connect a Xiaomi cellphone with tv with these 2 methods.

A. How to Connect Android to TV Wirelessly With Wifi or Wireless

How to connect a Xiaomi cellphone in this way means that it does not require a cable. Enough with a TV that has adequate specifications, namely the smart tv type. Here’s how and the steps to connect it:

1. Make sure that TV Support

The first step of how to connect a Xiaomi cellphone with a tv without using a cable is to first turn on the smart tv.

This step also ensures whether your TV really supports it or not. Check the settings menu or settings on your TV.

If there is a screen mirroring option, that means to support. Another way to make sure is to see if your TV can connect to wifi.

If you can, it means that your TV can be connected to a Xiaomi cellphone. After that immediately make sure the screen mirroring option menu is “on”.

2. Go to the Settings menu on the Xiaomi cellphone

After making sure the Smart TV is supported, then turning on the “screen mirroring” menu, the next step is to go to Xiaomi settings.

Go to Wifi option then turn it on. Then the options will appear again. Find the “advanced settings” option.

3. Enter the “Advanced Settings” Menu

When you enter this option you will be shown several other options. Find the “wireless display” option. Please note some other types such as the Xiaomi Mi A1, this option can be found in the cast menu. If it is found immediately activate the option.

4. Choose the Wireless Smart TV Used

Shortly after the “wireless display” option is activated, your Xiaomi cellphone screen will appear on the wireless smart tv network that is being used.

If it is appropriate, immediately select the network. But if you can’t find the smart tv network name, you should check the TV settings.

5. Communication Process Complete

After the smart tv network name has been selected, you only need to wait a few moments. Until you can see a notification on the smart tv screen if both are connected.

This means that the process of connecting your Xiaomi cellphone with your smart tv has been successful.

How To Connect a Xiaomi Phone With TV

B. How to Connect HP Xiaomi With TV Using Cable

In addition to using wireless, the way to connect a Xiaomi cellphone with a tv is to use a cable.

In this way, you need a micro HDMI cable and an MHL cable that has 2 connectors, namely micro USB to HDMI.

Also, Xiaomi cellphones must support MHL. Here are the steps

1. Turn off the TV you are going to use

How to connect a Xiaomi cellphone with a TV using a cable, the first is to turn off your TV first.

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This at the same time can avoid unwanted risks. For example, being electrocuted or a cellphone that is difficult to connect.

2. Connect TV With Xiaomi Phone

After making sure your TV is off, you can directly insert the flat end of the cable into the Xiaomi cellphone.

As for the rest of the other end which is rather large, you can insert it into the TV socket. But remember the socket that says HDMI.

3. Restart the TV

After that, you can turn your TV back on. Don’t forget to change the channel on the HDMI option.

Not the usual channel. This is also one of the steps to connect a Xiaomi cellphone with a tv using the help of a cable.

4. Open the Xiaomi cellphone

How to connect a Xiaomi cellphone with a TV using the next cable is that you can switch again to a Xiaomi cellphone.

After the TV turns on, your cellphone will display the “HDMI Connection” option.

Check the option, and make sure that your Xiaomi cellphone is not in lock mode at that time. This is intended to make it easier to set up.

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5. Process Complete

If you have done everything, then the screen display of your Xiaomi cellphone can be seen on the tv, meaning that all the processes were successful.

You can freely adjust the layout of the display. For example, by moving to landscape orientation to match the area of ​​the TV screen.

How To Connect a Xiaomi Phone With TV

This will make you more comfortable when you see it.

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