How to Convert Text From image to Text in 2023

How to Convert Text From image to Text in 2022

How to Convert Text From image to Text – In some cases, we keep our notes as photographs. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that university students do this very often. 

In some cases, we need to put the text in the photos that we have taken this picture into text. However, it can be quite troublesome to transcribe some texts and translate them into text. 

When this is the case, many people search for the process of converting the photo to text quite often. For our dear readers, in this article, we will explain how to convert the text in the picture into text.

How to Convert image to Text?

There are a few things to think about before doing this. One of these issues is that the site used supports the language in which the text in the picture is written. 

Otherwise, when you do the conversion, many characters will be distorted. I made a few attempts before and realized that some sites and letters cause errors. I will share the sites that support you.


  • We choose my picture first from the place number 1. Then, we select the language in the text in field number two and choose which file format we want it to be translated into. 
  • In the third part, we start the process by pressing the Convert button.
  • After the conversion process is finished, you can download the output if you want. If you are going to translate more than 15 pages, you need to open a membership on the site. 

However, you can bypass this situation by changing your IP number with things like VPN

How to Convert Text From image to Text in 2022 - ONLINEORC.NET OFFICIAL TRANSLATION


One of the best photo-to-text sites is i2ocr. You can translate as much text as you want on this site. So let’s say that there is no limit like the site above.

 All language support is available on this site. We can say that it has support in many languages ​​. In addition, on this site

It is possible to convert the texts from PDF to text. It would not be wrong to say that it is quite easy and useful.

How to Convert Text From image to Text i2OCR 

ABBYY FineReader Online

We can say that FineReader is slightly different from the above. In the past, you could easily convert the picture to text through an online system. 

But now it seems like they have put an end to this system. Also, you can no longer convert the photo to text. You are registering to the system and download the version suitable for your operating system. 

With this program, you can convert your notes or texts in PDF format into text. I haven’t done any experimentation on the picture. It’s a good idea to experiment with photography.

How to Convert Text From image to Text in 2022  ABBYY FineReader Online

How Do Text-to-Text Sites Work?

OCR technology is used in these sites or programs that do this job. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. 

This system scans letters and characters in printed or handwritten documents and images then convert them to ASCII codes. 

In other words, it converts it into a form that the computer can understand and presents it to you. Previously, these processes were done with the scanners we call Scanner. 

Now, with the development of the sites we have given above, things are progressing through these systems.

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