10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes in 2024

Top 10 Best Real Estate WordPress Templates 2022

10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes for 2024 – WordPress has become sophisticated in such a way that it provides perfect solutions for all types of projects, including real estate deals. 

For this reason, we have prepared a complete list with the best WordPress Themes for real estate with a highly professional design, SEO optimization, good loading speed and 100% responsiveness.

All the real estate WordPress themes on this list have the functions that any agency needs, such as a search engine for the user to find the flat in the area.

They want and with the price, they are looking for, an easy-to-use real estate upload systemforms and call buttons clearly visible on each property file, etc.

Shall we start? Here are our favorites!

Best WordPress theme for real estate website

  • Best Real Estate WordPress Themes
    • Real Estate 7 – The Most Popular Real Estate Website Template of 2021
    • Real Homes
    • Realtyspace
    • Houzez
    • Homeland
    • CitiLights
    • WP Residence
    • Hometown
    • MyHome
    • Zoner

The best WordPress Themes for real estate agencies

This series of the best WordPress themes for real estate agencies offers business-specific features and qualified technical support to help you if you get stuck at any point.

Which has allowed all the Themes to have an outstanding score from their users (and from our website). clear part).

Real Estate 7 – The Most Popular Real Estate Website Template of 2024

If you are looking for a versatile template, Real Estate 7 is for you. It not only helps you to create a website for the sale of real estate, but also offers the possibility of using it as a portal for renting apartments, houses or even boats.

It is a theme that is programmed to be completely customizable, so you can create anything you want. It has a previewer that works in real-time to let you know how your website will look down to the smallest detail before publishing it. Thanks to this, you will be able to edit the page live .

This template includes a search engine in which the user can filter by various criteria (price, number of rooms, location…) and even a map system in which houses for sale can be displayed so that the user can navigate and find the one that suits them best. suits you by location.

Top 10 Best Real Estate WordPress Templates 2022

Before reading on…Remember that in this link you have more WordPress Themes organized by theme in case you need to set up a website for another type of business. We have tested over 300!

And as if that were not enough, it includes more than 8 example websites already assembled (commonly called demos ), which you can import with a couple of clicks and thus have your website ready in a few minutes. 

The good thing about this system is that later you will only have to change the photos, colors and texts to adapt it to your style.

In addition to that, it has a management system capable of scheduling appointments with clients, creating favorite lists, submitting forms and managing commissions and sales .


Real Homes

Another one of our favorite real estate website Themes is Real Homes. It is a template that is breaking all sales records to create real estate agency websites, whether for sale or rent. And it is that it offers many functions and enormous customization possibilities.

Real Homes comes with 2 demos already assembled with a very sophisticated and highly intuitive design that is compatible with dsIDXpress, a real estate plugin designed for real estate management that works through the IDX/MLS format . 

Additionally, its structure and its ease when it comes to customizing your website streamlines the entire process of adding and classifying property listings or plans.

It has advanced search forms and location markers that allow you to add your properties to Google Maps, where your users can see and compare properties quickly and easily. 

In addition, it allows the simultaneous search of four locations, which is an excellent option to position your properties on the web.

On the other hand, when you buy this template, 2 Premium plugins are included: Visual Composer ,  Revolution Slider and Elementor 

With them you can click on the element you want to modify and you can adjust or delete it in a few seconds.



Realtyspace has all the characteristics to be one of the perfect WordPress real estate Themes, because in addition to being a professional and intuitive template , it is capable of carrying out multiple procedures that will boost and accelerate your sales.

If we talk about the design, you can see that it is very elegant as well as professional. It has several predesigned modules that you can place one on top of the other to design your website in no time, since you will do it with the most famous premium layout plugin that is included: Visual Composer .


As for the functions, like all the WordPress real estate Themes on this list , it has different types of search engines, forms with custom fields, property files in which to display all the photos and characteristics intuitively, and everything you need at the time to capture potential customers for your properties.

In addition, you can put the prices in multiple currencies and you can translate it into any language, with which you get a website prepared for any country in the world.



It is another of the best WordPress real estate Themes  that allows you to make first-class designs in the simplest way, as it includes 18 perfect pre-designed modules to give your users a great sense of reliability. 

Likewise, you can modify them with WP Bakery or Visual Composer , some incredibly modern and friendly extensions when creating a web page.

In a way, the visual aspect is only part of all the power of Houzez, since it also has an agent and property management system that works thanks to dsIDXpress that also allows you to offer properties easily, contact your representatives, answer questions and calculate the price of mortgages .

Another of Houzez ‘s strong points is its advanced search system that includes WP All import , a plugin to import all property data from CSV and XML files . 

In addition, it has an option to compare your properties, give virtual tours in 360 degrees from any mobile device and locate your properties through Google Maps.



Among the best WordPress themes for real estate agencies , we could not leave out  Homeland .

It has such an intuitive customization panel that creating pages, changing backgrounds or editing fonts and header images will seem like child’s play. 

Homeland 1

It also includes WooSidebars , a plugin with which you can modify the sidebar as you wish to put forms, the most popular houses, specific offers and even call buttons.

Homeland is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and includes 8 footer layouts, 10 headers, 60 pre-designed page Themes, a booking calendar, as well as Google Maps integration , bbPress (a plugin that will allow you to create a forum without the need coding) and much more.



This template has an attractive and sophisticated design with which you can do everything you set out to do quickly and easily. Creating your real estate website will be easy with this real estate WordPress theme.

It has several very modern demos on which to base your website so that it is much easier for you, especially if you have not touched WordPress much and it is one of the first websites you make.

But not only does it have a good design, but it also has a property management system that allows you to upload them quickly (with their photos, texts, characteristics, etc.),

you can add all kinds of forms and even if you have several agents working in your agency, you can add a specific profile to each house so that each property is linked to the telephone number and email of that agent.

Finally, it is capable of integrating with Google Maps, it has the dsIDXpress plugin , it can be automatically translated into other languages ​​thanks to WPML, and it has a geolocation system that allows your users to see the properties closest to them.


WP Residence

WP Residence was one of the first real estate WordPress Themes we used with a client because it had (and continues to have) great reviews and lots of sales. And the truth is that we believe that it could not be missing from this list.

An important advantage over others is that it has 12 predesigned demos that you can import in a few seconds to transform your newly installed WordPress into a fully professional website for your real estate agency that you can then modify with its Visual Composer layout .

Wp Residence 1

And as in the other responsive WordPress Themes for real estate in this TOP, WP Residence includes a filter and map search engine, and a very intuitive customizer so you can change even the smallest detail of your web page (colors, fonts, menus, forms, etc).

It also supports IDXpress has an automatic translator to 34 languages ​​and includes advanced search options with more than 9 design options.



This template was developed for the sale and rental of all types of properties, as it has a sophisticated design capable of adapting to the sale of luxury properties, rural properties, small apartments on the beach, or flats in a city like Madrid.

Among its most outstanding features and that you will surely need, are the multiple forms for advanced property searches with integration to Google Maps and various location markers. It even has Paypal integration, support for dsIDXpress and WPML.

Also, thanks to Revolution Slider , you can easily design and manage slider images to promote your properties in a dynamic and professional way. 

It also has a small comparator to which users can add different properties and thus see them later or compare them with each other to facilitate their decision .



This template allows you to create a website for your real estate agency with the best search experience. It includes 6 predesigned demos, 14 home pages and 18 modules that you can place as you like to quickly design your page.

In addition, if you still want to customize this template more, by having integration with WPBakery Pages (drag and drop page builder), you can build your own designs and add them to the ones it already has so that your website is unique and with a 100% appearance, % professional.

It should be noted that it has the function of virtual tour of the property and you can implement search fields that allow you to create an intelligent search engine without limitations to include all the features that your clients demand, providing fast and accurate results .

It also has Revolution Slider (an extension that guarantees the intuitive management of sliding images) along with a library of icons that help you enrich the visual experience and give your website more dynamism. Eventually, it has integration with Google Maps and Google Street View .



And we come to the latest WordPress template for real estate agencies with a theme very focused on searching by map and location. We are talking about Zoner .

Designed for real estate agenciesindependent agents or even intermediaries who want to show the properties of third parties charging commissions through Paypal, Stripe or bank transfers.

Recently its developers have made an update that has made Zoner an even more versatile template, sophisticating its design to make it fresher and more modern. 

It has 18 highly customizable home page variations, several contact pages, different forms and endless options to customize your website in detail .

Finally, it has Visual Composer (which allows you to modify the imported demos with just one click), it is ready to be translated into other languages,

it has a calculator and currency converter, support for dsIDXpress, and a property comparator to facilitate the decision of the user. potential buyer.


We hope that this updated 2024 compilation has been useful to you when creating the website for your real estate agency.

Having the 10 best WordPress Themes for real estate in 2024 at hand is an advantage that allows you to find the one that best suits your business style

In addition to being able to successfully create a true solution that will undoubtedly give you the benefits you are longing for.

We are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

This is a free service that we offer, We read every message we receive. Tell those we helped by sharing our posts with friends 

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