How to Make a Poll on Instagram 2022?

How to Make a Poll on Instagram 2022?

How to Make a Poll on Instagram 2022?When making an Instagram poll, first of all, a photo must be present in order to use the poll option on Instagram stories. 

This photo that you want to share and use can be related to the survey or it can be an aesthetic photo that is completely put in the background. 

After selecting the photo and entering the story section of Instagram, there is the options tab at the top. 

In this tab, there is stickers images next to options such as stickers, text or pen.

In the window that opens after clicking on the image of the stickers, there is a survey option next to stickers such as location, tagging, hashtag, time, test.

After clicking on the survey phrase, a ask a question phrase will appear. Boxes with yes or no options appear under the phrase asking a question, and your followers will answer by choosing any of these boxes.

You can write whatever you want in the Ask a question section or leave it that way directly. 

Then, if you want the answer boxes to write something other than yes or no, you can change that part and create your own option. 

For example, a book blog may ask a question like what do you think I should read as the next book in the questioning section while conducting a survey. 

And by writing two book names in the options, he can ask his followers to determine the next book he will read. Thus, you complete your Instagram survey.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram

How to Sharing Polls on Instagram

Once you’ve completed your Instagram survey, determined what question you’ll ask in the survey and what your options will be, it’s time to share the survey on Instagram. You have many options in the sharing process.

First, by clicking the story option in the lower right corner, you can share your survey with all your followers with a single click. 

As another option, you can press the send button and send your survey via direct message to the people you specify and choose. 

Another option is to share the survey you have done on Instagram with the people you have a close friend list, thanks to the close friends button.

What Functions Does an Instagram Poll Have?

Instagram’s story section has been a widely used feature since its release. Users often utilize the best Instagram bot for story selection. Because now, users can not only share their very special photos but also make other memories or surveys through the story.

Thus, the story section, which is used daily, played a role in the development of many of its features.

As the stories section is used, the story features have also changed and it has become a feature with a wide variety of applications today with technology. 

Especially the survey section is a question and answer section that most people love to use. 

The function of the Instagram poll is to be able to ask questions to your followers or people you designate, together with the poll sticker you will add to the photo or video you will share in this story. 

How to Make a Poll on Instagram 2022?

Thus, as a result of this voting, you can access various statistics regarding the survey you have made.

These statistics, which you can access from Instagram stories, are not limited to just showing which answer received the most votes. 

You can also see who viewed the poll in your story , who voted, who didn’t, and the total number of votes cast.

Who Uses Instagram Poll Feature?

The survey feature in Instagram stories is used fondly by many users. While personal accounts can be used to have fun with their friends, various brands and companies can easily interact with their followers through surveys. 

Companies using the survey on Instagram can include individuals in the decision-making process of brands with the questions they ask. 

These surveys have also been an important technological development in terms of measuring customer satisfaction of companies. 

Non-corporate Instagram influencers, as well as brands, are also a group that frequently uses the survey feature to interact with their followers. 

At the same time, individual account holders are also using Instagram polls to interact with their followers on undecided issues. they use the feature frequently.

Things to Know About Taking Polls on Instagram

Almost all social media users want their posts on social platforms to reach more people. Although this is also true for the Instagram poll, they want many users to vote on the poll. 

For this, of course, the number of followers must be high. For these reasons, the first thing to know about the Instagram survey will be to increase the number of followers. 

More followers mean more votes. Making polls on Instagram is one of the features that users show a lot of interest in. 

The survey feature has different features in itself, and users can see a list of their friends who voted in the survey thanks to these sections.

To increase your follower count, you can make your account more aesthetic and share remarkable things. 

For example, putting transition photos in your homepage stream and putting these photos in the same column will create a nice image, so people who want to see your photos can follow you. 

Or, if you have an Instagram account related to sales, you can beautify your photos in order to market the product you will sell in a much better way and present it in an aesthetic way.

In this way, your number of followers will increase and more people will vote when you do a survey.

What Questions Can Be Asked Through the Survey on Instagram?

The questions you can ask using the survey feature on Instagram depend entirely on you. 

The more interesting the question you ask, the more likely people will participate in this survey. 

Instagram, the most used platform among social media platforms, offers users a survey feature and users can freely evaluate the questions asked in the survey. 

In this way, there are no restrictions on the use of the survey feature and users have the freedom to conduct surveys on any subject they want.

How do you make a 4 question poll on Instagram?

The more interesting the question to be used in the surveys to be made on Instagram, the more people will answer the survey. 

However, there is a point to be noted here that the survey question in question should not target any person or group. 

And it should not contain harmful expressions to other Instagram users in the content of the survey in question. 

Otherwise, people have the right to report the pollster, and a question with incorrect content may result in your Instagram account being closed. 

In such a case, you will face a very bad scenario and you may not have an Instagram account again.

Why Instagram Poll?

Many users who use Instagram also benefit from Instagram’s story feature. The ability to make a poll in the story section is a feature that is used by many users to throw fun stories. With this feature, you can share a lot of fun content.

The main reason users do Instagram polls is to have fun and get a response for a question. There are also some accounts that act according to the answer given to the question asked. 

For example, brands or companies may conduct surveys because they are curious about the opinions of their followers and customers. 

The reason why people who are phenomenal on social media do Instagram surveys is to get more interaction and use Instagram more actively. 

Thus, there are many reasons for using the Instagram poll. It’s also an ideal way to have fun and Post colorful stories on Instagram.

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