5 Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools for 2023

Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools

Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools for 2023 – The name link in bio is now gaining popularity because it has various benefits for its users. Among them are hiding private sites as well as being able to find out theanalyticsof the site.

To make it, there are several sites that you can use and the results are very maximal. There are even free and paid sites so you can choose which account to choose.

Later you can post the results for the bio link on Instagram or other social media. What are the sites and how will the link in Instagram’s bio be?

How to Add Multiple links to your Instagram Bio

After you try one of the sites above, you can link the link to Instagram. There are several ways to create a link in the Instagram bio and here’s the full review:

  1. You can open the Instagram application from a smartphone and thenlogin with an existing account.
  2. On thehome page,you can choose aprofilewith a photo logo.
  3. Then you can continue by clickingedit profile.
  4. Enter the link you created earlier then clickchecklist.
  5. Wait a few moments then the link will enter your Instagram page.

Of the many link sites mentioned above, it is recommended to use Linkr.bio. Its powerful features, friendly premium account prices are the main reasons why you should choose this account.

Once created, you can post this link on Instagram, Youtube, or other social media. Good luck

List of Best Instagram Link in Bio Tools in 2023

You can createthe link in the bio later on easily and can be adjusted according to your needs for the name. For those of you who want to try it, you can choose from the following sites, including:



For those of you who want to create alink in the biowith full features, you can also use linktr.ee. On this site you cancreatelinks in just a few minutes.

Later you can link the link to Instagram in the profile section of the application. Besides Instagram, you can also link in bio for Tiktok,Youtube, Whatsapp and various other social media.

Like the others, this site also offers two account options, free and premium. For premium accounts there is a choice of prices ranging from 22 thousand to 75 thousand per month.


The name of the site that is most popular and often the choice of online activists is Linkr.Bio. The choice on this site is inseparable from the many features embedded in it. Among the advantages are being able tocustomize the background,free templates and being able to do analytics as well.

You can also whether you want to use a free or paid account. For those who pay, there are also various price options and they are certainly pocket-friendly. However, for non-business purposes, using a free account is sufficient.

The choice on the sitelink in biois because until now the number ofusershas reached 5 million from various worlds. With this amount of course they enjoy and feel if all the features arepowerful.

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Later includes a bio link site whose previous site address was named linkin.bio. For some reason, this site changed to later.com and in it also creates links for Instagram and various other social media.

Especially for this site there is no free account available and there is only a trial account for 14 days. After that, you need to log in to a premium account which costs from 18$ to 80$ per month.


The Milshake.app bio link maker app is quite popular among content creators. This platform is often used to display portfolios because it has a very attractive design.

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In addition, the Milkshake.app platform can also be used to create simple landing pages. So, you can create a landing page in multiple slides that can be navigated with a swipe like Instagram Stories.


Desty can be used to create a link in bio with complete and unique features. Besides being able to be used for free, this platform is very suitable for local, Indonesian users.

With Desty, you can create a main page design that contains catalogs, photos, videos, audio, and products that you sell in the marketplace. The end result will look professional, like a mini website.

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