My friend Peppa Pig – a game review for the youngest console fans

My friend Peppa Pig - a game review for the youngest console fans

I have tested many games in my life, but never before My friend Peppa Pig such a title. However, sometimes life puts us in surprising roles. Perhaps some of you, like me, have future co-op partners at home.

And again, like me, you are probably wondering where to start your adventure with video games. After all, you will not give them a shooter or a complicated RPG for a good day.

Platformers, on the other hand, maybe colorful, but they are often a challenge for little hands who are not yet coordinated and familiar with the construction of the pad.

This is where Peppa Pig enters the disks of our consoles.

If you have no idea who Peppa Pig is, this is probably not a title for you. All parents know this character from the series of fairy tales for children.

This time, instead of following the fate of Peppa and her family, we will take an active part in them.

At the beginning of the game, we create our own characters. We can choose the type of pet, color of clothes or additional accessories.

The editor is simple, but I think every child will find their dream combination. After designing the character, we get to know our eponymous friend Peppa Pig.

Untitled design 3 5

We set out on adventures together. There will be a camping in the forest, skiing in the mountains or a balloon trip.

During our adventure, we will be able to learn many things, such as cleaning up rubbish in the forest.

Peppa Pig game controller

The controls are very simple, perfectly tailored as the first experience with the controller.

You control your character left and right, and most of the actions are done with a single button. For adults, it may not be a big challenge, but for a few-year-olds, it will be a real attraction.

Of course, the title is available in the full English language version. And this is really the only possible solution because releasing such a title without dubbing would probably be pointless.

I really like the time limit system. In the settings, we can choose the time we want our child to spend before the game.

However, it is not done along the line of least resistance, so after the allotted time, the message “Game over” does not appear.

The creators prepared the title in such a way that the game will propose its own, natural transition to a break from playing, e.g. in the form of a scene of Peppa Pig going to sleep.

In this way, we can naturally end the game and continue it later.

Untitled design 1 1 9

Of course, such a test would be useless if I did not test this title with a representative of the target audience. I spent several sessions with my 2.5-year-old son in My Friend Peppa Pig.

He himself is too small to control the game himself, but he was very pleased with the launch of this title. He followed what was happening on the screen with attention and joy and actively participated in individual tasks.


However, I am convinced that when he will be able to grasp the controller in some time, he will be happy to repeat the adventures of Piggy himself.

The game is obviously not spectacularly long, but it is only a drawback from the point of view of an adult player. Younger audiences are unlikely to pay attention to it.

My son can watch the same fairy tale several times and there is still not enough of it, so I think it will be the same here as well.

Untitled design 2 1 17

My friend Peppa Pig is a great starting title for young players. I am glad that this type of production appeared on consoles because until now the only places where such experiences are available were phones and tablets.

My Friend Peppa Pig Review

For little fans of games as he found, and in addition to a few moments of peace, parents can also enjoy fabulously simple achievements that will be unlocked as you progress.

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