New Hero Mobile Legend and List of New Skins

New Hero Mobile Legend and List of New Skins

New Hero Mobile Legend and List of New Skins Mobile Legend is rumored to be releasing an update soon and at the same time releasing a new hero that we can play. 

For you loyal Mobile Legend players, of course, you are really waiting for the latest hero update. So, here are some leaked heroes and new skins that are rumored to be coming this January. Here’s a list of heroes and their skins.

Best 6 New Hero Mobile Legend Skins

  • Carmilla
  • Skin Amethyst Dance Guinevere
  • Skin Zodiac Aquarius Aurora
  • Skin Lunar New Year Odette
  • Skin Gill-Girl Karrie
  • Skin Crow Bishop Estes

1. Carmilla

For the new Mobile Legend hero, this time in Carmilla. This hero has been on the advanced server for a long time. 

For several previous patch updates, Carmilla has gotten the appropriate buff, nerf, and adjustment so that this hero can compete among other heroes in a balanced way.

New Hero Mobile Legend and List of New Skins carmilla

For those of you who intend to have this beautiful hero Carmilla, you can buy it using 32,000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds. Interested?

2. Skin Amethyst Dance Guinevere

In addition to the new Mobile Legend hero for the beginning of this year, ML also released several skins. 

One of them is Guinevere’s Amethyst Dance Skin which has been rumored for some time before. 

Reportedly, this Amethyst Dance skin for Guinevere will appear on January 9th. If you are interested, prepare 749 Diamond to buy it at the shop.

3. Skin Zodiac Aquarius Aurora

The Zodiac skin will be released again and this time the skin is for Aurora. 

It’s just that there is no further information regarding the release date, although it is rumored to be released this month as well. 

For those of you who are interested in getting this skin, at least you have to prepare 1500 Diamond. Quite expensive indeed.

4. Odette’s Lunar New Year Skin

Approaching the Chinese New Year celebrations, Mobile Legend also celebrated it by releasing a Lunar New Year-themed skin for Odette. 

Although there is no information about the price, it is believed that this skin will appear on January 22. Are you interested in beautifying Odette with this Chinese-style red costume?

5. Skin Gill-Girl Karrie

The next skin to be released is the Gill Girl skin for Karrie. The design of this skin is unique because Karrie is transformed into a sea monster. 

The price for this skin is predicted to reach 749 Diamonds and will be released in the Shop on January 25th. 

It is not yet known what is special about this Skin, but it certainly will not make you regret it.

6. Skin Crow Bishop Estes

The next one that will also be released along with the new Mobile Legend hero is the Crow Bishop skin for Estes. 

Although it has been leaked for quite a while, other information such as rarity or how many hundreds or thousands of Diamonds are needed so you can use this skin is not yet known. But we’ll just have to wait in January.

That’s the new Mobile Legend hero and also some skins that will be released this January. Which one do you think is the most interesting to you? 

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Hopefully, this article can provide insight and be useful for strengthening your Mobile Legends account. Happy hunting for the latest heroes and skins, win the game with the latest heroes.

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