5 Best Apps to Record calls For iPhone

Top 5 Best Apps to Record calls on iPhone

Top 5 Best Apps to Record calls For iPhone – Best call recording pp for iPhone were you wondering if it was legal to record a phone call and how could you do it on your iPhone? . 

Recording calls between two people with their smartphone, even in secret, is legal. No authorization from a judge or law enforcement is required, and the recordings can also be used in the event of a lawsuit or civil judgment.

However, on the iOS operating system there is no default call recorder and to be able to record it is necessary to resort to third-party applications. 

Therefore, the need to find the best app or program arises spontaneously, perhaps it is also a free application (and above all without jailbreak), to record phone calls with iPhone. 

Although it is easy to run into many paid solutions around, there are also many free recorders for Apple devices on the App Store. However, unlike what happens with Android , almost all those for phone calls are paid.

The applications are many and for a layman, it is practically impossible to know at a glance which will really work and which will be the most efficient. 

To allow you to find out, we have collected the top 5 best apps to record free and paid iPhone calls that will allow you to turn your smartphone into an automatic recorder of all your incoming and outgoing calls. 

All the applications listed, including paid ones, can still be installed and tested for free.

5 Best Apps to Record calls For iPhone


REKK is the best app to record calls on the iPhone from a function point of view. It offers a free trial period to record more phone calls at no cost in order to test the app in all its peculiarities. 

Inside it it is possible not only to record and reproduce audio but also to transcribe what has been recorded through an innovative voice recognition system.

This is precisely the killer feature of this application, which can thus be used as a tool to be able to read and remember the content of one’s phone calls and recordings.

Top 5 Best Apps to Record calls on iPhone

The app stands out for its ease of use and provides step-by-step instructions explaining how to record calls with REKK. Video instructions are also included for those unfamiliar with technology.

The app allows you to easily share calls through instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram and others. 

You can then share the text of the recorded phone calls with your friends and colleagues. The recording appears immediately after the user hangs up the call. REKK is very practical and can record in high quality.

To use REKK it is necessary to enable the three-way call before installing the application: this is a service offered by most operators at no cost. 

The app allows you to protect your recordings with a password or Touch ID. You can also create an online account and access recordings from any device. 

The duration and number of recordings are unlimited which makes REKK a perfect call recorder for business users.

This call recording app is relatively young but is constantly updated, supports high-quality recordings, and even has a counterpart for MacOS if you have a complete Apple ecosystem.

Features and benefits of REKK

  • Free trial
  • Simple recording of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Audio transcription
  • Easy sharing
  • Additional features such as call barring and caller ID

Download: App Store

Call Recorder – Record Phone 

We know we have placed the emphasis on free apps, but due to the lack of them on the App Store it is impossible for us not to include paid apps in our guide . 

There are very few reliable free applications and for this reason, offering a paid option can be very useful for those who want a complete and risk-free solution to problems of various kinds.

Although it is not very original in the name listed on the App Store, this is also a reliable app for recording calls on the iPhone. 

Its use is really simple: on the occasion of a phone call, simply open the app and touch the recording button generated by the application to start recording. 

With the Add Call button and the Merge button to press immediately after you will create your registration line that will last for the entire phone call.

There is no limit as to the length of the recordings (apart of course the memory of the device) nor to the number of recordings to be stored. There are 3 subscription methods: weekly, monthly or yearly.

Features and benefits of Call Recorder

  • Registration with dedicated key
  • Optimized for iPad
  • Free trial
  • Save to the cloud

Download: App Store

TapeACall: Call Recorder

TapeACall is one of the most used and known applications in the world to record calls on the iPhone. 

The application is in fact operational in 50 countries and now has more than 4 million active users.

After recording a phone call, you can view it in a very neat archive where you can also rename it according to the topic on which you have conversed with your interlocutor.

Top 5 Best Apps to Record calls on iPhone

The application also offers the possibility of recording outside telephone calls and transcribing any type of recording, automatically transforming them into text. 

Recordings can also be made for scheduled calls, with the possibility of viewing them on the calendar simply by selecting the dates on which they were made. 

Recordings are easily shareable: you can send them via apps, email in MP3 format, or even upload them to cloud services and share them via SMS or social networks.

Recordings can be recorded and played in the background, as well as opened immediately after calls have ended. 

This application is paid and you can make an annual or monthly subscription to use it, but there is also a 7-day free trial available which can be useful for recording free calls on the iPhone on a temporary basis.

Features and benefits of TapeACall

  • Transcription of recordings
  • Integration with PC
  • Customer care
  • Calendar view

Download: App Store

Call Recorder iCall

iCall is perhaps the app that offers more flexibility as regards the subscription: in addition to the possibility of subscribing on an annual or monthly basis, in fact, you can also subscribe weekly (and with a 3-day free trial) if only needed for a short time.

The big advantage of iCall is the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone literally with a single tap

During the phone call, you will in fact have a button to press to immediately start recording and the saving in memory will take place automatically.

Once the registration and the phone calls have been completed, you can access the application to view an ordered list of phone calls identified by the contact’s image and name in the address book, with the possibility of reproducing or sharing the recording with anyone, as well as saving it in the cloud.

Features and benefits of iCall

  • One tap to record
  • Subscription also weekly with free trial
  • Among the most intuitive
  • Easy archive management and sharing

Download: App Store

Acr Call Recorder

With a subscription of fewer a month, you can have a truly complete and above all always stable app to record calls on the iPhone,

It makes no difference if you have iOS 14, 15, or other versions. According to the developers, this may be the easiest app ever to use for call recording, especially for those who have never done so.

The secret lies in the UI, made for easy use even by the elderly or those not so accustomed to technology. 

Top 5 Best Apps to Record calls on iPhone

The most interesting feature of this application is that it allows you to change the voice of recorded calls. In fact, you can choose whether to make the voice male or female and radically modify its timbre, thus making it unrecognizable.

Very interesting for those who want to preserve their privacy also by sharing and making other people listen to the recorded audio. 

The application also includes a feature to transcribe phone calls into text, through technology for voice recognition. Simple menus allow quick playback and sharing of recordings.

Features and Benefits of Acr Call Recorder

  • Great intuitiveness
  • Voice editing function
  • Transcription of recordings in over 50 languages
  • Subscription also weekly

Download: App Store

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