Top 5 best free graphics programs for PC

Top 5 best free graphics programs for PC

Top 5 best free graphics programs for PC – Is advertising graphics your passion? Are you lookingfor graphics programsto draw with your tablet in a total freeway?

You work with the vector, maybe you are away from home, and with a battle laptop, you have to deliver logos, complete with business cards and flyers.

Which have now reached the deadline, and you need a free and fast program that does not consume too much energy from your computer?

Or are you tired of using the usual online websites or apps that lie promising Hollywood star photo editing, and want to take it one step further by downloading more complete graphics software?

Today everyone may need to create a graphic project, whether it is for fun or work, aesthetics, even in online images, are very important, and many are used to using programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

But unless you want to look like Jack Sparrow, this software are all paid, and even if you decide to look for alternative ways to get them, it can sometimes be tedious, not to mention the problems, crashes, bugs and limitations that can be encountered. .

Precisely for this reason, perhaps choosing to download free graphics programs can be a good idea to avoid puzzling and maybe even feeling better people. In fact, in this article, we offer you ourTop 5 best free graphics programs for PC.

We tried to be varied and choose a program for each category: vector graphics, raster graphics, and photo editing, software focused on drawing and 3D graphics.

In order not to be racist, we have also made sure to include software that can be installed at least on Windows and Mac (but most of them also work on Linux), so we make everyone happy.

So, I would say we can dive into this top 5 of the best downloadable graphics programs online, free and without limitations.

GIMP (Photo Editing / Photomontage)

How not to mention free graphics software without mentioningGIMP ? Not everyone knows that the name of the program is the acronym of ”GNU Image Manipulation Program“, but curiosity aside,

if you are looking for a valid program without having to put your hand to your wallet, Gimp is the one for you.

It may not have all the features of Photoshop, but many of the elements are similar, and if you are a newbie and are trying to understand something about graphics.

This can be a good place to start and then move on to “serious” graphics programs. In fact, the program interface is not so different from that of the Adobe suite

We use layers, channels, brushes, various adjustments; in short,everything related to raster graphics and photo editing.

Top 5 best free graphics programs for PC

Of course, it may seem that Gimp is actually a useful program only for amateur use, but it is not always, and in some ways, itcan also be a valid alternative to Photoshop.

For example, if your computer is not among the best performing, Gimp, thanks to the exclusive presence of standard image editing and photo editing elements, and without too many additional tools, is morestable,faster,and morecompactthan PS.

The software is downloadable forMac,Windows,andLinux, and on the official website, in addition to the download, there is also aTutorialssection, in case you want to follow a precise path to learn how to use it to the fullest.

Inkscape (Vector Graphics Programs)

Based on the use ofSVGfiles (and therefore on vector graphics),Inkscapeis a valid free alternative to Illustrator, it is often placed side by side with GIMP, among the direct free competitors of Adobe graphics programs;

But not only for this, in reality,Inkscape and GIMP can interact with each otherin all serenity, in the sense that an SVG file opened on Inkscape, can in turn be modified on Gimp.

Speakingof the interface, it’sintuitiveand you won’t feel so confused if you’re coming from Illustrator.

As in the previous mention, the advantages (and sometimes also the disadvantages) compared to using a paid software, are almost similar, and still translate into alower CPU waste, thanks to a lean content of commands and functions.

However, it should be noted the existence of a realcommunity, with which you can interact through the official website, where users can discuss bugs and problems, or request help for using.

Scribus (Editorial Graphics Programs)

For all those interested indesigning books, magazines, flyersand all those jobs with a flexible format, there isScribus, which, continuing on the previous line, can be a valid non-paid replacement for Adobe InDesign.

Even if it is free software, with Scribus you can use theCYMK(four-color) color method, suitable for professionally and non-professionally printed files, managing the export and settings for application on paper.

Top 5 best free graphics programs for PC

Which, for example, is not possible with the aforementioned software. Of course, compared to InDesign, Scribus doesn’t have much freedom in managing graphics and typography, but it’s still a free program, and it’s worth trying it at least!

Krita (Digital Drawing / Photo Editing)

Kritais a program especially suited for digital drawing and photo editing. It is part of a collection of office programs called Calligra Suite, it isbasically similar to GIMP.

But some consider it evenbetterthan the latter, thanks to extra features such ascolor management,especially infour colors, or the management of tools. realistic coloring.

The developers constantly follow the program, and from time to time some elements are updated or added,

In fact in recent years they have made the software compatible with SVG files, added new languages, and made the interaction with other programs more complete. of their Calligra package.

Blender (3D Graphics / Animation)

We conclude this top 5 best free graphics programs for PC, with software dedicated to the development of 3D graphics projects.

Blenderis anOpen-Sourcesoftware and is also one of the most famous in the industry, so much so that it has been and is stillused for professional work, such asfilmsandvideo games.

The type of works that you can create with the program are many, from video editing, modeling, composition, to the rendering of two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements.

It’s one of those complex graphics programs that you don’t learn to use overnight, but if you are interested in this dynamic world, Blender may be for you. It can be downloaded, of course for free, from the official website.

Top 5 best free graphics programs for PC

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