7 Best YouTube Analytics Tools You Need in 2024

7 Best Youtube Analytic Tools in 2022

Best Youtube Analytics Tools – Have you started using the YouTube platform at this point? If you’re already using it, but your YouTube channel hasn’t progressed at all, it’s time to try using YouTube analytic tools . 

7 Best YouTube Analytics Tools

YouTube Analytic tools can help you develop your YouTube channel by analyzing the performance of your account or the videos you have uploaded. Here are the top 7 YouTube Analytic Tools that you can use.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is a feature that has been provided by YouTube so that users can find out the performance of content and audience demographics. 

YouTube analytics is very easy to understand, especially for novice YouTubers. Here is some information that you can get through YouTube analytics, namely: 

 Best Youtube Analytic Tools in 2022


In the overview menu, you can see a graph of the overall overview that can be set in time. Plus, you can find out what your popular video content is and track activity on your channel in the last 48 hours.


The reach menu provides information about how and how many viewers found your video on YouTube.


You can find engagement data or the number of audience engagements with your video content, ranging from the length of time viewers spend watching your video, the average video views, and the number of clicks on other videos that appear at the end of the video view.


In the audience section , you can perform an analysis of audience demographics which includes gender, age, viewing location, and also the use of subtitles .


There are many features available on TubeBuddy, such as SEO tools, productivity, promotion, workflow, and analytics. Some of the information that you can maximize using TubeBuddy, include:

  • Know the keywords and tags used by competitors and copy the tags in your videos so that they can rank for the same keywords. In addition, it is also useful for tracking the ranking of your videos and competitors in Google and YouTube searches.
  • Schedule videos to be published according to your wishes, and you can also create a schedule to hide or delete videos from the playlist according to the time and date you want.
  • Can do tests for titles, thumbnails , tags , and also descriptions to find which will work best. In fact, you can create professional quality video thumbnails to reach your audience on various social media platforms .
  • Using the TubeBuddy tools will help you find monetized video content quickly so you can review it manually.

Unbox Social

Unbox Social is one tool that also offers you many features. By using this tool , you get information in the form of:

Unbox Social
  • Track how viewers react to your videos and how fast you can get viewers.
  • Which video content is shared and watched the most and know the length of time between the time the video was shared and when it was watched.

By using Unbox Social, you can monitor the types of video content that viewers are interested in so that you can reproduce these types of videos to reach a wider audience. 


VidIQ is a tool that can help you personally, to build a network and brand as well as an advertising agency. This tool serves to increase the views and subscribers of your channel

At the same time, you can also monitor analytics and reports, identify influencers, YouTube SEO and VidIQ professional services covering brand strategy and channel optimization. 

There are several features that you can take advantage of by using this tool , including:

  • You can review the search term matrix , such as views and keyword score .
  • Counts the number of characters for the video title, descriptionand .
  • See the keywords and tags used by competitors.
  • Manage, copy and copy tags from one video or another.
  • Knowing channel statistics in just one panel.


ChannelMeter is an analytical tool that can help you optimize your video content for monetization. It also provides many features, from content discovery, onboarding, management, and payment for creators. 

ChannelMeter allows you to launch videos to compare your competitors’ YouTube performance with your YouTube performance. 

If it turns out that your competitor’s YouTube performance results are better, then you can take the right strategic steps to make improvements to your channel.


Socialbakers offers three interesting features that are different from other Youtube Analytic Tools , namely:

7 Best Youtube Analytic Tools in 2022 Socialbakers
  • A feature that can provide information about the exact time when you should post videos, also what types of videos should be posted , and how the quality of your video content is.
  • This feature can monitor other social media, making it easier for you to gather insights from various sources and compete with competitors.
  • Useful for analyzing audiences regarding location, gender and other information.

Tubular Intelligence

Tubular Intelligence can monitor what’s trending on YouTube and how your videos are performing. Some of the features that you can optimize using this tool include: 

  • Analyze YouTube channels in terms of audience size, locations where audience access channels , their gender and age.
  • Helping you to monitor the videos and content creators that your audience is watching the most.
  • You can also create your own dashboard to gather important information in one place.

After knowing the top 7 Youtube Analytic Tools, now is the time for you to try one by one as needed. Choose one or several tools that are most suitable and easiest for you. 

In this way, hopefully in the future you can present quality content and be able to compete with competitors or to make your social media campaign a success. 

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