10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone

10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone

10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone – Although we have become accustomed to depending on smartphones for most of our daily lives, all too often we run applications, services, or systems that unnecessarily affect battery life.. 

Of course, higher resolution screens and faster processors are what smartphone manufacturers are focusing on. But the truth is, most users just want a phone that won’t die by the end of the day.

A Morning Consult survey of more than 1,800 people showed that 95% of those surveyed chose battery life as the most important feature when choosing a new smartphone. Obviously, smartphone owners prefer simplicity and convenience. 

Proof? The durable screen and storage capacity came in second and third in this poll. However, battery development technologies are not improving at the same rate as processors.

Alas, nothing in this world lasts forever, and this also applies to lithium batteries that are used in modern smartphones. 

10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone

But there are a few secrets that allow you to extend battery life, and we will share them with you so that you do not have to change the battery of your device for a long time.

Before someone invents a new generation of batteries, it is worth reminding smartphone owners that power management is of great importance in the use of a smartphone.

While some of these tricks may be outdated, they can still help extend the life of your battery until the next charge.

1. Disable background apps.

Many apps keep running in the background even after you think you’ve closed them. For example, GPS based services such as mapping applications or navigators! Tracking your location greatly reduces the battery life of your smartphone.

You can limit the ability of certain apps to consume power in the background, for example, if you’re running Android 9 or higher, you can use the Adaptive Battery Performance feature found under Battery in System Preferences to automatically limit the amount of power available to the apps you’re using. not so often.

2. Turn off location services.

Smartphones have built-in GPS functionality, which comes in handy if you want to know how far you are from a location or if you need directions to the nearest coffee shop. 

But most often, users do not need to determine the location. Turn off the GPS as it uses the smartphone’s antennas to constantly search.

3. Find and disable the apps that use the most resources in the background activity.

Twitter and WhatsApp Messenger are among the top apps that can drain your battery. Also look into any news app or weather alert app. 

These apps use a lot of battery in the background, review their settings and see if you can turn off some of the background features. For example, many news and social apps automatically connect to the internet and update data every hour (or more often), even when you’re not using them.

4. Use Flight mode.

Airplane mode can help save energy, especially if you are on an airplane or somewhere where there is no mobile network coverage, in which case the phone will constantly look for a connection and waste battery. 

Even if you need to connect to a cellular connection, turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will save some power.

5. Decrease screen brightness.

This is especially important when watching movies or other streaming content. At night, you don’t particularly need the screen brightness to be at maximum. The battery cost of backlighting the screen is significant, which is why phones automatically turn off the screen when not in use.

6. Reduce the time for your phone to go to sleep.

The operation of the smartphone screen requires a lot of energy, so it is pointless to leave it on when you are not using your smartphone. Reduce the time it takes for your phone to go to sleep in display settings. 

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On any relatively recent Android phone, the system will also automatically enter sleep mode whenever your screen is off or the device hasn’t been used for a while. This automatically minimizes the use of the network and other energy-intensive services.

7. Turn off your phone completely.

Even though turning your phone on uses more power than just waking it up, turning it off if you haven’t used it for hours saves power in the long run. If you are going to sleep and you do not have an outlet and no powerbank, just turn off the device.

8. Turn off broadcasting or streaming content.

This includes any displayed graphics and animations. The more advanced graphics (games, videos, photos, animations), the more difficult the processor and graphics chip in the smartphone will work. More activity means more battery usage.

9. Turn off notifications.

Smartphones initially do their best to conserve battery power by going to sleep or low power mode, but if you constantly receive notifications from VKontakte, Twitter, or WhatsApp, you will greatly reduce the life of the phone without recharging.

10. What to do if the phone goes into low power mode.

When your phone’s charge drops to 10% or less and you’re on a trip, you can stop using social media to save battery, such as calling a taxi, or you can put your phone on flight mode. Whatever your measures to conserve charge, it is better than no communication at all. 

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You can always turn your phone back on to make a call or send a message. When you finally find a power outlet or charging station, put your phone into airplane mode and it will charge faster because it uses fewer services and other processes in the background.

How to Extend the battery life?

Try not to drain your phone completely, as Lithium-Ion batteries don’t like to be drained, it’s best to keep the charge level at 45-50%. 

Bring the device to zero and turn off less, look for an opportunity to charge the phone: use an external battery, calculate the charge for the whole day, do not forget the charging cable.

  • Monitor the temperature of the device.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are temperature sensitive, with a maximum of 15°C. This also applies to the weather outside. Heat and cold will damage the battery, then it will last much less. 
  • This can be determined by how often iPhone users suffer from the fact that their phone can suddenly turn off in the cold.

It is important to isolate the devices from overheating and hypothermia. Interesting data on the effect of temperature on the battery was provided by the author of an article on the blog of the Svyaznoy company:

A temperature of 0 ° C reduces battery life by 6%;
Temperature 25 °C – by 20%;
Temperature 40 °C – by 40%.

  • Do not use the phone for a long time outdoors during frost and extreme heat, it is better to put it in a relatively warm place – a pocket or bag.
  • If the sun is very hot outside, don’t charge your phone to 100% as the battery has warmed up to its comfortable limit and high temperatures will overheat it. Let the charge be 90%.

Phone manufacturers claim that the battery in their devices is rated for 500 cycles. The charge cycle is the process of replenishing the battery with energy and completely discharging it. One cycle = one life from 100% to 0%.

If you do not bring the phone to a shutdown and recharge the device in time, then the cycles can be increased to 1000. Then you can extend the life of the battery for another 2 years. Just charge your smartphone when the level is below 20-40%.

Make sure that the battery in the phone is partially charged, do not let the gadget lie for a long time without recharging. After a while, the battery may not perform well.


It is impossible to extend battery life for a long time, each technique and device has a maximum period. Experts evaluate it based on the trend of people using gadgets. 

The more carefully you use a thing, the longer it will serve you – an axiom. It is in your power to protect the device from temperature fluctuations, recharge in a timely manner and not leave the phone without energy.

Don’t believe the myths about 24-hour charging. That the device after that will become more optimized, live 2 days without a charge, and will work faster. 

It doesn’t work that way. Modern devices stop the flow of energy after the charge has reached 100%. Therefore, the idea that you can not put the phone on charge at night is erroneous. Hopefully, you are like these 10 Tips to Extend the Battery life of Mobile Phone

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