20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know – Hello, do you know the limit on Instagram or the limit on Instagram ? 

Like how many people follow limits, length of captions, number of likes, and so on. Don’t let you pass the limit that has been determined by Instagram and then the Instagram account gets blocked.
Instagram is a photo-sharing social media that has so many users. 

Likewise with other social media, on Instagram you can also make posts, make friends with each other and other things.

Now, every thing that is made by humans such as products, services, services, and others that will be sold to the public or used by the public, there will definitely be terms and conditions, such as what things can and cannot be done and the limitations.

Likewise with this Instagram photo sharing social media. There are so many limitations and limits that you should know so that your Instagram account doesn’t get blocked and even deactivated by Instagam.

If on Twitter one of the limits is 280 characters once you chirp or create a status, then on Facebook you can only be friends with 5000 people.

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

So what is the limit on Instagram or the limit? Immediately, without having to wait any longer, here are the limitations that Instagram users must know so that your account is not subject to a limit:

Restrictions On Instagram

1. Instagram user age

Recently, Instagram has announced the age limit for potential users. The minimum age for having an Instagram account is 13 years.

The minimum age limit for potential Instagram users is made to prevent users who are not old enough to have an Instagram account.

When registering an Instagram account, the first thing that is asked is to enter a date of birth. If you are not yet 13 years old, you will automatically not be able to create an Instagram account.
Remember, don’t lie, manipulate the year of birth. 

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know
Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

If you are not even 13 years old, you should not use Instagram first, wait until you are 13 years old.

2. Username or username

The user name or user name on Instagram is limited to 30 characters. Please enter the username you want to enter. 

Remember that the username or username for each account on Instagram is not the same, so you can’t use a username that has been used by someone else, except for the full name on Instagram.

3. Number of characters in Instagram Bio

Not only usernames, Instagram also limits the number of characters in the Instagram bio. You can only put information on your Instagram bio for 150 characters. 

Because it is too short, write down the information about you as clearly as possible.

4. Number of photos and videos in one post

In the past, in one post you could only upload one photo or video, but since Instagram added the multiple feature, you can now upload a maximum of 10 photos/videos in one post.

5. The number of characters in the post caption

If on Twitter a maximum of 280 characters is tweeted, now on Instagram the number of caption characters in one post is 2200 characters. 

If you write more than 2200 characters, then what is posted is still 2200 characters.

So if the caption you wrote is long enough, you should just write the rest in the comments column. 

Later at the end you can put information like “(continue reading in the comments column)”. This method is mostly done by news portal accounts.

6. The number of hashtags or hashtags in the post

How many hashtags or hashtags are in an Instagram post? It turns out that the number of hashtags or hashtags allowed is 30 hashtags. If you enter more, then what is posted is still 30 hashtags.

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

7. Number of tags/marking or mentions in posts

Likewise with mentions or the number of accounts that may be marked in posts, the number is a maximum of 20 accounts. More than 20 accounts you can’t do it.

8. Number of mentions on Instagram story

In Instagram stories there is also a limit on how many accounts can be mentioned or tagged. There are only 10 accounts that can be mentioned in the story.

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know
Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

9. Limitation of followers

Instagram apparently does not limit how many followers an account has on Instagram. Because there is no limit, it’s no wonder there are so many Instagram accounts that have hundreds of millions of followers such as Cristian Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and others.

10. Following limits

Now, unlike following or following on Instagram, Instagram only allows you to follow as many as 7500 accounts. So take advantage of these following limits to follow the right accounts or people. Don’t follow fake or fake accounts.

11. Number of accounts that can be added

It turns out that the number of accounts that can be added in one Instagram application is 5 accounts.

If you have more than 5 Instagram accounts, then you cannot log in simultaneously or multiple accounts, unless you install 2 Instagram applications on one cellphone.

12. Limit follow in a day

It is not clear what the Limitations Of Instagram for following an account on Instagram is in a day. We recommend that at one time do not follow more than 150 accounts. 

After a few tens of minutes or hours, just follow again and there should be no more than 150 accounts. 

Remember, don’t follow up too quickly, you’ll get blocked and you can’t follow people for a few hours or even days.

13. Limit of unfollowing in a day

Likewise with unfollow, at one time try not more than 150 accounts. Continue again after a few tens of minutes or hours.

14. Limits like

The limit of likes that you can do on Instagram in one hour is 350 times or in a day is 1000 times. If more what will happen?

Limitations On Instagram It’s certain that your Instagram account will be penalized, you can’t like again for some time, even days.

15. Comment limit

So what about comments? It turns out that Instagram also limits how many comments you can make in a day. Comments per day as many as 150-200 comments. More than that your comment will not be sent.

16. Duration of video upload

In the past, you could only upload videos on Instagram with a duration of only 15 seconds, but now Instagram has added the maximum duration. 

The duration of uploading videos on Instagram is a maximum of 60 seconds or 1 minute.

17. IGTV upload duration

Since the IGTV feature was first launched, you can only upload videos with a duration of 10 minutes and the video must be portrait, when you upload a landscape video, the video will be cut left and right.

However, because Instagram wants to attract more IGTV users and can compete with Youtube, now you can upload videos on IGTV with an even longer duration of 60 minutes or one hour and can upload landscape model videos.

Tips, if the video that you upload to IGTV is more than 600 MB or more than 1 GB, it’s best to upload it via a web browser, either on a cellphone or PC so that there are no errors.

18. Live duration on Instagram

Just like IGTV, you can do live or live broadcasts on Instagram for up to 1 hour. If previously after doing a live you can choose it to upload to the story and it will disappear after 24 hours, similar to Instagram stories. 

But now that is no longer possible, you can only choose to delete, download or upload it to your feed.

18. Number of Instagram stories in a day

The number of Instagram stories that you can create in a day is 100 stories. More than that you can’t upload it again, unless you delete it partially.

20 Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know
Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

19. Restrictions on renaming

Within 14 days, you can only change your name on Instagram 2 times. So before changing the name on Instagram better think about the appropriate name first.

For username or username, if you have changed a new username, then you have to wait another 14 days if you want to use the previous username, and must hurry so that it doesn’t get accepted by someone else.

20. Story highlight limitation

In story highlights or Instagram highlights, you can only add as many as 100 stories in a single highlight. 

So if you have a lot of stories to highlight, you have to make lots of highlights.

So, those are some of the limitations on Instagram that you should know so that you can use Instagram as well as possible and not violate the provisions that have been made by Instagram.

Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know

There are several limitations above which if you pass them, the sanctions given by Instagram are of many types, such as not being able to follow for some time, not being able to like and comment on people’s posts, even your Instagram account can be deactivated.

Tips for new users
For those of you who have just created an Instagram account, try in the next few days not to do too much of any activity on your Instagram account. 

Just do it properly. Don’t let your Instagram account be considered spam by Instagram and get blocked.

Limits are subject to change

The above limitations may at any time be changed or reduced by Instagram.

Hopefully, you are like these ways to Limitations On Instagram That Users Should Know and we are always open to your problems, questions, and suggestions, so feel free to Comment on us by filling this. 

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