6 Best Video Editing Apps on iPhone

6 Best Video Editing Apps on iPhone

Best Video Editing Apps on iPhone – The rise of social media and users of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Who upload their video recordings, making video editing applications more and more scattered in the application store.

So is the case with the App Store that is embedded in the iPhone. The App Store is the same as the Play Store, providing a variety of applications that can be downloaded for free or paid.

You just have to choose any application that suits you and install it on a smartphone device.

Video application problems, the App Store on the iPhone also provides various applications that you can download for video editing purposes.

Even iPhone users should be proud, because there are several video editing applications that offer professional-like features that Android doesn’t have.

List of Best Video Editing Apps on iPhone (iOS)

List of Best Video Editing Apps on iPhone (iOS)

  • iMovie
  • Pinnacle Studio Pro
  • LumaFX
  • Splice
  • Videocraft
  • Square Video Watermark


The quality of iPhone shots and videos cannot be doubted. The users are always satisfied with the camera captures they have. Its clarity and sharpness always invite endless admiration.

But the iPhone does not stop there. To add to their satisfaction, they also created an iMovie application which is used to edit their video recordings.

With this application, you will be greatly helped to make movies with excellent results. The features provided in this application will make you feel like a pro.

There are 14 trailer templates that can be used, with a choice of filters that can beautify your video results.

Even if you want to create a slow-motion effect on your video motion, the features in this application have also provided it.


Pinnacle Studio Pro

Using the Pinnacle Studio Pro application is no different from other video editing applications. It’s just that, because of the simple display that is presented, it makes the application quickly easy to understand by users.

Even for users who are not familiar with video editing, the app simplifies how it works. Simple appearance does not mean this application has the usual features. Many advanced features are presented to complete the perfection of your video edits.

Just set it on the Story Board, adjust the precision, add effects, soundtrack, and quality transitions, then your video is ready to be shared with friends on social media. And the result will really make you smile with pride.



Using video editing apps with LumaFX is like bringing professional movie editing software to your iPhone. The reason, this application is very amazing!

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The features presented, allow you to adjust and correct the colors of the images in the video. Adding distortion effects, colors, animate every effect, video blur, fixel, and many other advantages.

This application also provides slow-motion effects and helps in making time-lapse videos. You can adjust the video by trimming, adjusting the ratio, adding a soundtrack, and adjusting the volume level.



If you are used to and are always satisfied with editing videos using the desktop, where all the details can be manually adjusted according to your wishes, then Splice brings this in its application. Even Splice simplifies how to use it to be simple and easy to understand.

Splice really spoils its users by providing professional editing features in its application.

You can adjust video transitions as you wish, trim unnecessary clips, add slow-motion effects, change video backgrounds, apply filter effects to enhance the look, and add music to your video background.



For those of you who are beginners in video editing, starting with installing this application will be very helpful in making simple videos.

videocraft 1

You can add your favorite songs in the video, edit motion, add blur and text. The interface is also easy and effortless to understand. After that, there is a direct share button that leads to your social media account.


Square Video Watermark

Most photo editing applications, you can add songs, edit transitions, add songs, blur videos, adjust colors, edit motion, and other features that are present in a photo editing application.

This application provides the advantage of protecting your video results from being easily taken by other users and claimed as their own. Because this application provides a watermark feature that writes who the maker of the video is.

Well, those were 6 video editing applications on the iPhone that you must consider if you want to install on the iPhone.


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