How to Add or Change Thumbnails on YouTube in 2022

How to Add or Change the Thumbnail on YouTube Videos in 2022

How to Add or Change Thumbnails on YouTube Videos in 2022 – Of the many YouTubers, especially beginners, they complain that their channel does not increase in terms of views and subscriber numbers,

Because they don’t know how to change the youtube thumbnail on their videos. As we know ourselves, only as viewers on YouTube.

We are often interested in watching video content because the thumbnail is very tempting and makes us curious, even though some of it doesn’t match the content.

We can conclude from this that we should never underestimate youtube thumbnails, which are actually very important for us to optimize and improve as much as possible, such as creating attractive images and inviting clicks.

For those of you who have just entered the world of youtube and want to learn more about what we have to prepare before changing thumbnails.

How to Add or Change Thumbnails on YouTube in 2022

Criteria Thumbnail YouTube Custom

One of the reasons why youtube video thumbnails don’t match, such as being too small and the text on the image not clearly visible, is not following the recommended criteria given.

1. YouTube thumbnail resolution & Image Size

Talking about images, if you ask what is a good size and resolution for youtube thumbnails. The answer is to make the size as large as possible.

But youtube itself recommends the size and resolution of youtube thumbnails as follows:

  1. Image resolution of1280(minimum width 640)x 720(height) pixels.
  2. Image formats or extensions areJPEG, JPG, PNG, and GIF.
  3. File size maksimal2 MB.
  4. The best picture ratio is16:9.

2. Thumbnail Policy

If you are sure to become a YouTuber or content creator, then you must comply and find out more about the provisions and policies that have been determined, including the use of thumbnails.

  1. All thumbnail images created are required to comply withthe YouTube Community Guidelines.
  2. If there is a violation, you cannot change the youtube thumbnail on the video temporarily until it is permanent according to the level of violation.
  3. If you feel that you have never committed a violation but cannot change the youtube thumbnail, please appeal.

3. Thumbnail Change Limits

Maybe you never know that actually changing the thumbnail of a youtube video, it has a daily limit. However, each country or region has different boundary provisions.

To be sure, if you get the message “The thumbnail change limit has exceeded the daily limit” it means you can wait up to 24 hours to change it again.

In addition, the history of the youtube channel also affects this issue. For example, if you find a violation or not at all, youtube will test the eligibility of your channel to enjoy this custom thumbnail feature.

4. Cause Cannot Change YouTube Thumbnail

Because youtube thumbnails are almost 50% the determining factor for a video to be watched or not, YouTubers are competing to make interesting images in various ways.

This is considered reasonable because YouTube itself also recommends making thumbnails as good as possible. But of course, also follow the standards of the YouTube community guidelines.

Terms of Use of Custom YouTube Thumbnails

Now that you know what criteria are suggested by youtube and maybe get an idea to create an attractive youtube thumbnail.

But before that, you also have to verify your youtube channel to enjoy this feature. There are many features that you will get after verifying.

How to Change the YouTube Thumbnails

For YouTubers who only have cellphones to make videos, don’t worry because there are lots of content creators who are successful with makeshift tools.

Moreover, smartphones themselves are now equipped with various applications that can even beat the software on a computer, both in terms of features and costs.

Just like if you are a YouTuber, then youtube itself has provided a special application for content creators called YT Studio. This application shows the number of subscribers, views, and other features, including editing video thumbnails.

Here’s how to change the thumbnail in youtube studio:

  1. Download and install the youtube studio application on your cellphone.
  2. Then sign in to your gmail account.
  3. Choose a youtube channel.
  4. Go to a video.
  5. Then upload a thumbnail from the cellphone gallery.
  6. And Save.

How to Change YouTube Thumbnails on PC

If on a cellphone you can use the YouTube Studio application to change the video thumbnail, on a laptop or PC you only need to access the YouTube website.

How to Change the Uploaded YouTube Video Thumbnail

Even so, with a desktop display on a PC. You can change YouTube thumbnails much easier if you create thumbnails with the help of PC editor software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint, and so on.

How to change youtube thumbnail on PC:

  1. Visit the youtube website.
  2. Upload videos or edit existing videos.
  3. Find the thumbnail menu.
  4. Then upload the edited photo as a thumbnail.
  5. After that save and see if the thumbnail has changed.

How to Change the Uploaded YouTube Video Thumbnail

When successfully uploading a video on YouTube, we can use a custom thumbnail. You can also replace it if you forget and the video has already been uploaded. This applies to all video privacy such as Private and Public.

How to Change YouTube Thumbnails on PC

It’s just that we demonstrated it on a PC or through the YouTube website. For cellphones, whether it’s Android or iPhone, it’s actually almost the same, please adjust it yourself.

Here’s how to edit an uploaded youtube thumbnail:

  1. Please open the Youtube website.
  2. And login to your gmail account.
  3. Tap on the avatar icon or email profile photo then select Youtube Creator.
  4. On the channel dashboard click Content.
  5. Click Edit a video for which you want to change the thumbnail.
  6. In the thumbnails section click Change and upload the pre-prepared thumbnail image.
  7. Finished.

That’s all for the tutorial on how to change the YouTube thumbnail on your cellphone or PC, please make the image as attractive as possible and also comply with YouTube’s policies regarding thumbnails.

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