How to Backup Instagram Photos

How to Backup Instagram Photos

Are you thinking of deleting your Instagram profile or do you just want to Backup all the photos to keep them safe if your Account is stolen, but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, I’ll help you! Here I will show you how to Backup Instagram photos.

The App of the popular photo social network offers us the opportunity to backup all the photos, but also other information such as likes, comments, contacts, photo captions, settings, and much more. 

But let’s see now how to save all the photos we have uploaded to Instagram over the years.

How to Backup Instagram Photos

If the information such as comments, likes etc. is saved in JSON format (which you can open with the Notepad), the photos, once the backup is requested, will be sent to you in JPEG format and in folders divided by date. 

Unfortunately, the maximum resolution of the photos in question will be 1080 × 1080 and not higher.

But now let’s see how to Backup Instagram photos from Smartphone and PC .

How to Backup Instagram Photos on Smartphone

If you want to backup the photos on your Instagram account , directly on your Smartphone (or Tablet), whether it’s iPhone or Android, this is the procedure to follow:

First, take your mobile phone (or Tablet) and open the Instagram application , then go to the bottom right, on the round icon with your profile photo , then on the main page of your account. 

Here click on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines (the Menu) at the top right and then presses on ” Settings “.

In “Settings”, locate the item ” Security ” (or “Privacy and security”) and click on ” Download data “. 

Now, all you have to do is enter the email address where you want your photos to be sent, then click on ” Request download ” (blue button) and enter the login credentials to your Instagram account for confirmation.

Within 48 hours you will receive an email with the link through which you can download all the photos you have uploaded to your Instagram account and all other data such as comments, likes, etc. 

Then click on the link, enter your Instagram login data again and download the * .zip file containing everything. To open the * .zip package, you can download Winzip for free at this link for Android or here for iPhone.

How to Backup Instagram Photos to PC

If, on the other hand, you want to backup the photos on your Instagram account , directly on your computer, this is the procedure you need to follow:

First, open a browser (be it Chrome, Firefox, etc.), and go to . 

Once you have entered your login details, click on the round image of your profile , at the top right, then on ” Profile “.

Once on the main page of your profile (the one where you see all your photos), click on ” Edit profile ” at the top, next to your account name. 

Now, from the left column, go to ” Privacy and security “, scroll down and, in the “Data Download” section, click on ” Request Download “.

How to Backup Instagram Photos

The following procedure is the same as the one I showed you to download the photos from your Smartphone: you will need to enter the login details to your Instagram account.

Then type the email where you want all the photos to be sent, and go to the email in question and click on the link that you will see in the same. 

You will be able to open the package in * .zip format, using programs such as WinZip for Windows or for Mac .

Well, I showed you how to Backup Instagram photos to Smartphone or PC. I hope I have been of help, bye and see you next time! 

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