How to Create a Group on Telegram

How to Create a Group on Telegram

How to Create a Group on Telegram – Creating a discussion group can be done so that the discussion is more flexible. Not only on Facebook and WhatsApp.

You can also create groups on Telegram so you can gather a lot of members. Are there any benefits to creating and joining groups on the internet?

Of course there are as long as you join an educational group or a group that matches yourskillsandpassion.

Previously I’ve discussed the benefits of joining a group, you can read the article so you don’t hesitate.

More than WhatsApp, members of a group on Telegram can be up to hundreds of thousands of members.

This means that you can maximize the group feature on Telegram, not only for discussion andchatting, such as WhatsApp groups which can only accommodate 250 members.

Many create Telegram group chats for various purposes. Like gathering users of service so that they can ask each other questions and share experiences.

For some reason, instead of creating a group on Facebook, certain services and companies prefer Telegram as a place for their users.

Without further ado, I’ll just discuss how to create a group and how to add members to a Telegram group. You must add at least 1 user or member so that groups can be created, this also applies on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Want to clear conversation history on Telegram? You can read the article on how to delete private chat history on Telegram.

You can delete allchathistory between you and yourchatopponentfrom start to finish until it is completely clean.

Tutorial on Creating Groups on Telegram

First Step :Please open the Telegram application and select theNew Messageicon

Second Step :Next you selectNew Group

Third Step :You add at least 1 member then pressNext. If you do not add members to the Telegram group, the group creation process cannot continue

Step 4:Finally, please give the name of the group you created then press thecheckmark

How to Create a Group on Telegram

Step 5:You have successfully created a Telegram group and all you have to do is customize the logo, group description, and other settings

As an addition, as in the information above, the maximum number of group members on Telegram is 200,000 members.

You can create a group with that many members, for example, you are aninternet marketer,this can be useful and profitable for you.

You can also customizeusernamesor group usernames such as Telegram accounts and Telegram channels.

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What if you want to create a Telegram Channel? You can choose a New Channel or later I will discuss how to create a Telegram Channel.

That’s all I can discuss about creating groups on Telegram, hopefully it will be useful for all of you.

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