How to Create a Whatsapp Link in Instagram

How to Create a Whatsapp Link in Instagram

How to Create a Whatsapp Link in Instagram – Many of us have encountered Instagram accounts adding WhatsApp links to their bios, the Whatsapp link feature on Instagram is often relied on by users who open businesses. 

Then, can this feature be used by all users even though there are not many followers? the answer is of course you can! You can see how to easily create a Whatsapp link on Instagram here.

  • 1 Advantages of Adding WhatsApp on Instagram
    • 1.1 Simplify Communication
    • 1.2 Adding Buyer’s Trust in the Store
    • 1.3 Speeding up Transaction Process
  • 2 Ways To Make WA Me On Instagram
  • 3 Ways to Create a WA Link on Instagram bitly
  • 4 Ways to Add WhatsApp Number on Instagram Business
    • 4.1 Add WhatsApp Number
  • 5 Final Words

Advantages of Adding WhatsApp on Instagram

How to Create a Whatsapp Link in Instagram

Before entering a review about how to link Whatsapp on Instagram, it’s good for you to know the benefits of this feature. 

The Whatsapp link on IG has several advantages, especially if your Instagram account is for business or selling products.

Well, some of the advantages of adding a Whatsapp link on IG that you will get are as follows:

Facilitate Communication

Well, the first advantage you get by adding a Whatsapp link on IG is that it makes it easier to communicate or between you and potential buyers. 

Of course, followers or buyers who just want to ask questions or place orders will find it easier to interact with friends as sellers.

Adding Buyer’s Trust in the Store

Of course, if your online store on Instagram has WhatsApp contacts, buyers will have more trust in the online store on your Instagram.

This is because buyers can immediately ask questions without fear of being cheated or buying the wrong goods.

Speed ​​up Transaction Process

In addition to adding a sense of trust, by adding a Whatsapp link on IG that is directly connected to your contacts, you will simplify and speed up the transaction process for buyers.

Usually, most stores only reply on Direct Messages (DM). With just a DM, it has the potential to be read late or even forget to open it.

How To Make Whatsapp Me On Instagram

How to Create a Whatsapp Link in Instagram

After you know what benefits you can get by adding the Whatsapp link feature on Instagram, you can immediately try how to create a WA link on IG which we will share in full.

We will explain the steps on how to make on ig below, read on!

How to make on Instagram

  1. Check WhatsApp NumberThe first step, make sure you check your WhatsApp number first, which will be used as a link to insert on your Instagram profile.
  2. Open Instagram and Login to Profile PageNext, you can open Instagram, then tap the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Go to Edit ProfileThen you can enter the profile settings page.
  4. Create LinkWell, here you can create a link or link with the format: .
    X here means your WhatsApp number after the number 08xxxxxxx. Keep in mind, you don’t need to input the number 0 (zero) in front of it, according to the picture, use code 62.
  5. Confirmation CompleteCheck again if the number is correct or not. If it’s okay, you can confirm it’s done by tapping the tick icon in the top right corner.

That’s how to make on personal IG. By inserting a WA link in your profile, people will easily contact you without having to go through a DM first.

These steps are very easy, right? please buddy follow it.

How to make a WA link on Instagram bitly

In addition to the above method using WhatsApp, you can also try the Whatsapp link on IG using bitly, you know.

How to Create a Whatsapp Link in Instagramc

For those who don’t know, the bitly site itself is a site that offers a link shortening feature. In other words, if the link is too long and looks unattractive, you can replace it with a short link that can even be customized as desired, but with the same destination address.

Well, how to make a WA link with bitly to insert it on your IG profile, you can see below. Here’s the review:

  • The first step, please, friends, write or copy the following URL format number to note on HP.
  • In the WhatsApp Number section, fill in your WhatsApp number accordingly. To fill in the number, use the country code 62 on the front, do not use the number 0.
  • If it has been replaced, you can copy the modified link with your WA number.
  • Then open the browser, then visit the site
  • Paste the link in the column on the page.
  • Then click ” Shorten “, then the process of creating a short link will run.
  • If you have, then you copy the link, and open the Instagram application.
  • After that, you can go to Profile by pressing the profile photo icon in the lower right corner.
  • Then click the Edit Profile menu  , and in the URL column, please, buddy, paste the bitly WhatsApp link, buddy.
  • If it’s okay, confirm by tapping the tick icon in the top right corner.

That’s how to make a WA link on IG using bitly so that the link looks more attractive.

But you need to know, links on bitly will not last forever. In other words, the link will be invalid if it has passed a certain time.

Then how to make the link can be valid continuously? Make sure if you want the link to be longer, you can subscribe to Bitly via the official page.

How to Add WhatsApp Number on Instagram Business

In addition to how to create a WA link on Instagram with bitly, you can use a faster and more practical way, namely through the add contacts feature on Instagram.

But it should be noted, to be able to do this, you can switch your Instagram account first to Instagram Business.

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Don’t worry, if you are confused about how to change your account to a business Instagram ( Professional Account ). Here’s how to change a regular Instagram account into a business Instagram or Professional Account and how to create a WA link on IG:

  • First, please, my friend, go to the Profile page . Click the ‘Three Lines’ sign at the top right.
  • Go to the ‘ Settings ‘ page , then select ‘ Accounts ‘.
  • You can scroll down, then select ‘ Switch to Professional Account ‘.
  • Then your Instagram account has successfully turned into a Business account. Follow the next filling process.

Add WhatsApp Number

  • Next, you can open your business Instagram profile page by tapping your profile photo in the Instagram navigation bar at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Then select ‘ Edit Profile ‘ and scroll down to change the contact information that you will provide on your business Instagram account.
  • Here, you can select ‘ Contact Options ‘ where you can add any of your business contact options such as e – mail , cellphone number, address, and of course your WhatsApp number.
  • Finally, you can directly enter your WhatsApp number in the WhatsApp Business Phone Number column .

Check again the WhatsApp number that you entered is correct or not, because later you will receive a code after clicking the ‘ Send Code ‘ button .

This code serves to verify your WhatsApp account to IG.

If you have finished confirming your WhatsApp number, WhatsApp will be added to the account’s contact options, and your WhatsApp number will be displayed as a contact option on your Instagram profile. If people click on the number, then they will go straight to the chat room.

Isn’t it very easy to create a WA link on IG with this business account? Please follow the steps exactly yes!

The final word

Those are some ways to Create a Whatsapp Link on Instagram and share WA links to IG, starting from using, using shorten links with bitly, to taking advantage of features directly from business Instagram.

What do you think? very simple isn’t it? So, which method will you choose? Besides that, you can also make Personal Stickers for WhatsApp to increase the collection of non-market stickers.

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