How to Easily Install Epson L805 Printer – CD Drive

How to Easily Install Epson L805 Printer - CD Drive

How to Install Epson L805 Printer – One type of Epson Inktank printer that is widely used by loyal Epson printer users, of course, already knows the advantages of this Epson L805 printer type, from the initial launch until 2021.

Of course there are still many users of this printer so new sales and This former printer is still often found in the offline and online market.

Printers that can print black and white and color documents, have high-quality photo prints, of course, are in constant demand. 

This early generation of Epson inkjet printers included implementing modern technology. One of the favorite and stubborn products from being recommended for inkjet printers is the Epson L805. 

To be accessible, the machine must be connected to the device. Relax, how to install Epson L805 printer is not difficult.

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Things to Pay Attention to Before Installing the Printer

Install Epson L805 Printer 1
Install Epson L805 Printer

Before starting the installation of the printer to the intended device, first prepare the first and basic things when a new printer is purchased, both new and used, as follows:

  • Check the condition of the printer, make sure all components are available, including the Driver CD
  • Fill the ink tank according to the color tube. The Epson L805 has 6 tubes for color inks, namely black, cyan, yellow, magenta, light cyan, and light magenta. Pour the ink according to the measurement limit listed and close it tightly so that the ink doesn’t dry out
  • Plug the power cable into the ink body and connect it to the switch
  • Press the power button then stop or resume for 3 seconds, until the light on the printer flashes
  • Wait for 20 minutes for the charging process. The sign that the printer is ready is the light indicator is not flashing, it’s just on. If it’s still blinking, let it go until it’s finished
  • After the charging process is complete, the printer can be installed on the device.

So, after buying a printer, the machine must be checked first. You can’t just install it directly. There are several things that must be considered as a form of preparing the printing machine.

How to Install Epson L805 Printer With CD Drive

Install Epson L805 Printer 3 1
Install Epson L805 Printer

Once the preparation is complete, the installation can begin. Here’s how to install Epson L805 printer using the CD Drive:

  1. Turn on the computer and take the Epson L805 CD Drive and insert it into the available disk space
  2. Follow the instructions provided starting from the agreement checklist, proceed to next and next again
  3. Click stat and connection and select installing the latest version then click install
  4. Wait until the installation process is complete 100%
  5. Select and click charging is complete then click next
  6. Connect the printer to the laptop with a USB cable and the installation is complete. The printer is ready to use.

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From a series of steps above, the installation of a printing press is not complicated, right? So, the printer can be used immediately as needed.

Review of the Advantages of the Epson L805 Printer

Lots of users choose the Epson L805. This is inseparable from the advantages it has. So as to attract the attention of consumers from various circles. Here’s a review of the advantages of the Epson L805 printer:

Install Epson L805 Printer 2
Install Epson L805 Printer
  • Has 6 ink color options, making the print of documents or color pictures more perfect
  • It can produce good quality prints because this printer is equipped with a print resolution of up to 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
  • 1 year warranty or 3,000 pages. After-sales service of this series covers printhead
  • There is an ID tray feature that can be used to print identity cards. So you don’t have to go to the printing press
  • Equipped with a wifi feature that can be connected to a mobile phone. When there is data on the cellphone and you want to print it, all you have to do is turn on the printer’s wifi
  • Can print photos with 4R paper in just 12 seconds per page. Very fast, right?

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The need for printing black and white and color documents can be met with the Epson printer. Moreover, this L805 series is a type of printing machine that has many advantages. Even so, how to install Epson L805 printer is not difficult. So it can be used as soon as possible.

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