Top 6 Third Party Tools for Instagram Restricted Features

Third Party Tools for Instagram Restricted Features

Tools for Instagram Restricted Features – Instagram is the second most popular social media platform people use for entertainment. Although Instagram limits things like downloading posts or viewing Stories anonymously? Because, there are reasons for that, like protecting privacy. 

But third-party tools can unlock those features easily. For example, Story Saver tools let you download disappearing Stories. And Video downloaders allow saving Instagram videos to your camera roll. 

There are also tools that can help you save Instagram’s trending and viral content directly to your device. This blog will cover the top techniques and practices that will help you in choosing the right tool.

Restricted Features of Instagram

Instagram blocks certain features for everyone’s use. For example, you can’t download someone else’s photos. There are good reasons for these limits, like protecting privacy. 

Maybe you’ve looked at your Instagram account and noticed the number of followers is decreasing? Then, it could be a sign that your Instagram has been shadowbanned.

Understanding why Instagram restricts things allows you to use it responsibly. You can follow the rules and be a positive member in the community.

Some of the key features that Instagram restricts include:

1. Downloading Insta Content

Instagram won’t let you download other people’s photos, videos, Stories or Reels? It’s because they want to protect their creative work and copyrights. Instagram aims to prevent their content from being reused without their permission.

2. Viewing some Stories anonymously

When you try to view some Stories without anyone knowing, Instagram blocks it. They designed Stories to disappear after 24 hours to keep things private. Because allowing users to watch Insta content anonymously goes against privacy.

3. Reposting feed posts

Ever tried to repost someone else’s Instagram post, only to get blocked? Instagram restricts reposting to stop plagiarism. They really value original, authentic content created by each user. So someone else shouldn’t be able to just repost what you made.

4. Seeing follower counts

Instagram hides your exact follower numbers. Seeing the precise totals can make people compare themselves in unhealthy ways. Not displaying the full count reduces obsessive focus on follower growth. Instagram wants you to focus on sharing, not just popularity.

5. Using multiple accounts from one device

Using more than one account on the same device gets restricted. This helps Instagram cut down on spam accounts, fakes, and abusive behaviors. Maintaining one real account per person helps keep the community safe.

6. Automated liking or commenting

When Instagram prevents you from auto-liking or commenting at scale, it’s because engagement should feel authentic. Mass-produced or bot-generated likes and comments lose their meaning! Instagram wants real connections and promotes quality with privacy policies.

Top 6 Third-Party Tools for Instagram Restricted Features

While Instagram limits certain functionalities, third-party tools can help users access and enhance those features. 

Here are six essential tools that will help you in unlocking restricted parts of Instagram. So let’s get know about them:

1. Instagram Story Viewer

This tool lets you view instagram story anonymously, without them knowing. You have to simply enter your desired Insta story account holders username to access their Stories and click on the enter button.

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Some other key benefits to watch instagram stories are:

  • View Stories discreetly, especially of accounts you don’t follow.
  • See Stories after they disappear without leaving a view receipt.
  • Avoid the awkwardness of ignoring a friend’s Story that you don’t want to interact with.

2. Instagram Story Downloader

The main purpose of this tool is to allow you to save other people’s Stories to your device so you can view them offline anytime. 

Therefore, using an Instagram story downloader enables you to download Instagram Stories as videos or photos in any format. 

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Let’s now look at the other benefits you can enjoy for free without signing up for the tool.

  • Replay and review Stories whenever you want, even after 24-hour expiration.
  • Archive interesting Stories to look back on later.
  • Share killing Insta Stories with your friends easily.

3. Instagram Video Downloader

Insta video downloader is the most demanding tool, because Instagram gives us unique content that no one found on any other social media platform. 

So the IG video downloader enables you to save videos posted on Instagram feeds or IGTV to your device. Simply enter the video URL to download and click on the view button. 

Here is the exemplary picture that will help you to assist Insta video downloaders more easily.

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Therefore, using Insta Video downloader help you in unlocking the restricted feature of downloading Instagram videos. 

Additionally it also help you in various ways, such as:

  • Gives you access to watch Insta videos offline after saving them.
  • You can share interesting videos with friends who aren’t on Instagram.
  • You can easily archive memorable videos for nostalgia.

4. Instagram Voice Message Downloader

This tool allows you to download voice messages that people send you on Instagram DMs. It converts the messages into shareable MP3 files. 

Luckily the voice messages you send to your friends don’t expire. Unlike Stories or direct photo or video messages, the audio is stored in the chat, forever.

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Picture Source:

Here are some key benefits on using Instagram voice message downloader:

  • Listen to voice messages anytime without opening Instagram.
  • Save meaningful messages to replay.
  • Forward funny voice messages to friends.

5. Instagram Reels Downloader

IG reels downloader is one of the amazing third party tools. It allows you to watch reel videos and download them with the single input of reels URL to the Insta Reel Saver

Now you can save them to your camera roll or device storage. Just enter the Reel URL and click on the view button will lead you to the downloading option frequently.

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Some other benefits on using this Instagram reel downloader are:

  • Rewatch favorite reels multiple times, even if deleted.
  • Share entertaining reels with friends off Instagram.
  • Review reels to get video ideas.

6. Instagram Photo Downloader

Insta Photo Downloader is an online tool that allows you to save photos posted on Instagram feeds directly to your device. 

Simply paste the photo URL to initiate the download process. It works instantly and provides high-quality pictures with just one click.

The best advantages of using this online tool are:

  • Access and view photos offline after saving them.
  • Repurpose interesting images for personal use.
  • Never lose an important memory from a friend’s post.

Other Things that Users Should Know About Instagram Features

When using Instagram and third-party tools, it’s important to understand how Instagram features work so you can use them effectively and responsibly. 

Here are some useful tips:

  • Instagram’s algorithm favors posts with higher engagement and interactions. Commenting and liking posts helps increase their reach.
  • Instagram ranks Reels higher than photos in the feed. Creating quality Reels can improve account visibility.
  • Stories with interactive stickers and questions get more views and responses. Make your Stories engaging.
  • Instagram limits daily Story views from a single account to reduce mindless scrolling. Spread out your viewing.
  • Downloading too many posts too fast can get your account flagged. Use tools moderately.
  • Private accounts’ Stories can only be seen by approved followers. View anonymously at your own risk.
  • Restricted tools can access more content but involve gray areas. Use good judgment.

The right third-party tools give you more options to save, view, and share Instagram content. But it’s wise to use them selectively and responsibly, being mindful of copyright and privacy. Understanding Instagram’s features guides you in getting the most out of the platform.

Benefits of Using Third-Party Tools

Using third-party tools opens up helpful new ways to enjoy Instagram. For example, you can replay funny Stories even after they expire. 

Or you can save special photos before a friend deletes them forever. You can also get new ideas on how to create engaging stories for Instagram. Third-party tools let you download videos to watch offline too. 

Let’s explore the additional benefits of having these third-party tools among our essential tools:

📸💖 Save Meaningful MemoriesDownload friends’ photos before they get deleted to cherish special moments.
📶📲 Access Content OfflineView saved posts anytime without internet by downloading content.
📺😄 Replay Enjoyable ContentRe-watch entertaining Reels or funny Stories after 24-hour expiration.
💡🧠 Gain InformationGetting ideas is easier when you can reference great posts saved on your device.
💌🌐 Share Content Outside InstagramForward standout Reels or posts to friends not on the app.
📊🕵️‍♂️ Track Your BrandMonitor brand mentions by viewing competitors’ Stories anonymously.
🎙️🔊 Remember ConversationsSave meaningful voice messages to listen to again later.
👀🤫 Private EnjoymentDiscreetly view Stories of accounts you don’t follow.

With the ability to download content, view anonymously, and access restricted features, third-party tools open up more ways to enjoy Instagram. But it’s essential to use them wisely and ethically.

How to Use Third-Party Tools Easily

Using third-party tools to unlock Instagram’s restricted features is straightforward for everyone. 

However, it’s equally important to use them correctly. That’s why we’re here to share some best practices that make using these tools easier

Here are a few of them:

  • Do not share downloaded content without original account holders permission.
  • Don’t view too many anonymous Stories because it activates other’s to stay private.
  • Don’t put your account on automatic mass download mode.
  • First read the terms of service and ensure any tool you use is secure and ethical.
  • Be mindful of downloading to avoid spam detection.
  • Do not use banned third-party tools that prohibit Insta privacy.
  • Always give credit to content creators when reposting their work.
  • Follow Instagram’s community guidelines.
  • Do not use third party tools to harass other Instagram users.

The key is to use third-party tools wisely to minimize risks. Try to use the downloaded content and data responsibly while focusing on your own enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

Instagram restricts certain features to protect the community, like saving posts and anonymous Story viewing. But as we explained, the right third-party tools can give you responsible access to those helpful tools. 

We already discussed how these third party tools let you download memorable content, replay expiring Stories, and more to enjoy Instagram even more fully. 

Some of the above explained third-party tools maximize Instagram’s potential and help you in downloading your desired content. 

By following the guidelines and respecting privacy that we covered, you can take your Instagram experience to the next level. 

So, enjoy this blog and enhance your experience by using these third-party tools to access Instagram’s restricted features.

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