iMovie – Top 5 Alternatives Available for Windows

iMovie – Top 5 Alternatives Available for Windows

iMovie – Top 5 Alternatives Available for Windows – iMovie is an excellent video creation and editing program, developed in the late 90s by Apple

Even after more than twenty years, the software remains one of the most chosen to this day. Despite all this popularity, iMovie Alternatives Available for Windows and iMovie is only available for the Macintosh, the brand’s computer operating system.

This usage restriction is already characteristic of the developer and ends up making it difficult to choose the ideal application.

Today, techjustify is rated the best video editing software available for Windows. First, we have the well-known Movavi, one of the most complete and accessible programs available

1 – Movavi Video Editor Plus

  Movavi – Best iMovie Alternative for Windows includes full translation into languages, as well as one of the most efficient free versions available, which makes Movavi take the title of the best video editor for Windows users.

With a wide range of tools, it is suitable for professionals in the field as well as beginners or apprentices. 

Movavi Video Editor Plus iMovie – Top 5 Alternatives Available for Windows

The program has features that streamline simple cut and arrange edits, as well as adjustments and effects for sound and image.

For those not familiar with it, it also offers the option to apply effects and enhancements automatically, letting Movavi detect and make the necessary adjustments to increase the quality of your video.

It can also be used to create media, animations, and voiceovers, and it lets you export video, audio, and text in separate ways, so you can edit them individually. 

The export is even optimized to be agile even on slower computers – a differentiator against other video editors, since, in some cases, it is necessary to wait more than an hour for the video to be completely rendered.

The program is already in its 2022 version and offers the highest quality free version on the list. It doesn’t include as many functions as paid software,

But it does iMovie Alternatives Available for Windows well as promised and works for all computers.

The licensed version is a great option for those who want to invest. It is the best cost-benefit and will hardly be lacking. $59.95,

But the lifetime version is only twenty reais more expensive and guarantees you unlimited use of the program.

In addition, you can purchase more features for a separate price at the Movavi store, Movavi Effects Store, such as special effects, graphics, and color and light effects.

2 – Pinnacle Studio

 Second place goes to Pinnacle Studio, one of the simplest and most complete editors available. The program’s interface can be scary at first, due to a large number of tools and adjustments, but as it has a version, it’s easier to get the hang of it.

You can open virtually any video format in this app, from videos downloaded from the Internet to video cassette recordings. 

In the editing part, there are hundreds of color settings, special effects, transitions, soundtracks, and more.

 It is also suitable for Streamers and Youtubers, as it includes the option to record your computer screen, while simultaneously recording to another source, such as a webcam, and also allows you to use your microphone to add voice or narration, and even exports files for editing separately.

  The program is now in its twenty-fifth version and offers a free trial version, but it makes it difficult for those who wish to acquire the license: the simplest is around  $59.95, and the most complete even surpasses the range

   3 – EaseUS Video Editor

 The EaseUS has already been on the market for over 15 years, and the biggest reason is the ease of use. It is a favorite for those who are just starting out, or who don’t have much experience in the field, as it has dozens of automatic settings for scene transitions and light and color adjustments.

In addition to editing existing material, it is possible to create an entire video from scratch, as the program itself makes available a large collection of music and media clips, as well as other graphic elements. 

It also includes a dubbing tool, meaning you can add voices or a narration directly from the program after you’ve recorded the video.

It’s a simpler software focused on uploading to the Internet or social networks, so if you’re looking for a suitable editor for movies or music videos, maybe this isn’t the best choice: the program doesn’t include support for visual effects.

EaseUS has a free version available, but it also adds a watermark to all exported videos. The developer has three plan options, but all in dollars. 

To acquire the lifetime license and enjoy it without limits, it is necessary to pay eighty dollars, the equivalent of more than $29.95 if converted.

 4 – DaVinci Solves

 The next option is DaVinci Resolve, which, unlike DaVinci Resolve Studio and DaVinci Resolve Advanced, has no cost to download. The free version is also focused on professional video editing.

The program is all aimed at professional video editing, with support for up to 8K, and has several automatic actions to improve the visual quality of the media.

Such as reducing noise or correcting distortion caused by some photographic lenses. Also, it is an excellent application for correcting light and colors.

For being so complete, we face a downside: a more powerful computer is needed to work with DaVinci Resolve, with a good amount of RAM memory and high processing speed, in addition to the disk space that the application consumes.

This option is certainly ideal for professionals in the field, who have a good PC to work with. Although the interface looks intuitive, it’s easy to get lost in all the features available, so it’s not recommended for those who are learning or looking for agility.

5 – Filmora Video Editor

Fifthly, we have Filmora Video Editor, which was born out of an old video software from Wondershare. This new version has a more compact and intuitive interface, getting the same results as professional videos in a simpler way.

 It is also popular for having specific tools to improve the quality of videos recorded by cell phone cameras, as well as pre-established settings when saving for uploading to social networks.

iMovie – Top 5 Alternatives Available for Windows

Wondershare provides a free trial version that expires after 30 days, and despite being very similar to the original, it ends up adding a watermark to every saved video. 

There are several different plans for the purchase, but the cheapest one costs around.

 Another negative point is that, when uninstalled, it ends up leaving other developer programs on the computer, which slow down the machine and require specific programs to be removed.

 After comparing the positives and negatives of each software, it is clear that Movavi is the most suitable for Windows users,

Both for its practicality and constant quality, it is difficult to list a negative point. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and delivers perfectly, making it a worthy choice for iMovie.

It is not necessary to have a powerful computer or advanced knowledge in the area to be able to enjoy everything the application offers. 

Whether for hobby or profession, Movavi Video Editor Plus is the best video editing program for Windows. Hopefully, you are like this iMovie – Top 5 Alternatives Available for Windows

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