How to change DNS in Windows 11

How to change DNS in Windows 11

How to change DNS in Windows 11 and enable DNS over HTTPS? We’ve already explained here on the site how to change DNS in Windows 10.

Now in Windows 11, you can also change the operator’s DNS to the service you prefer and still enable the DNS protocol over HTTPS (DoH).

This protocol encrypts the DNS resolutions that the computer makes while you surf the web, increasing your privacy and security, preventing the interception and manipulation of DNS data.

Which DNS server to use?

You can choose the public DNS server you prefer as long as it supports “DNS over HTTPS”. Currently, these are the ones that support “DNS over HTTPS” in Windows 11:

  • IPv4
    • Google Primary DNS:
    • Google Secondary DNS:
    • Cloudflare Primary DNS:
    • Cloudflare Secondary DNS:
    • Quad9 Primary DNS:
    • Quad9 Secondary DNS:149,112.112,112
  • IPv6
    • Google Primary DNS:2001:4860:4860::8888
    • Google Secondary DNS:2001:4860:4860::8844
    • Cloudflare Primary DNS:2606:4700:4700::1111
    • Cloudflare Secondary DNS:2606:4700:4700::1001
    • Quad9 Primary DNS:2620:fe::fe
    • Quad9 Secondary DNS:2620:fe::fe:9

You have to choose the two pairs of these DNS servers (primary and secondary) that you will want to use.

See how to change DNS in Windows 11 and enable DNS over HTTPS

1. Open Windows settings, click the start button, and then the GearSettingsicon. Those who prefer can right-click on the start button and select “Settings”.

2. In the left menu clickNetwork and Internet.

3. On the right side click onWi-Fiif you are using a wireless connection on your computer. Or clickEthernetif you are using a wired connection to your computer.

4. If you chose “Wi-Fi” clickHardware Properties. If you click on Ethernet you don’t need it, the next screen will open.

5. Look for the “DNS Server Assignment” field and clickEditon the right side.

How to change DNS in Windows 11

6. Click on “Automatic” and change toManual.

7. Click the button in theIPv4field to enable it.

8. In the “Preferred DNS” field enter theprimary DNSyou want to use, and in the “Alternate DNS” enter thesecondary DNS. Then click on the “Preferred DNS Encryption” field under each one and change it toencrypted only (DNS over HTTPS).

Please be careful when entering the primary and secondary DNS numbers, if you enter something wrong, it will cause errors in your connection!

9. Scroll down the window and activate the button next toIPv6.

10. Repeat the process by entering theprimary DNSin the “Preferred DNS” field and thesecondary DNSin the “Alternative DNS” field. Click on the “Preferred DNS Encryption” field under each and change it toencrypted only (DNS over HTTPS).

11. When you return to the connection properties screen, the DNS entered will appear in the “DNS server assignment” field with the words “Encrypted” in parentheses.


Okay, you can close the settings window, now you are using DNS over HTTPS in your Windows 11 connections.

If the computer gets a strange connection, it may be that your connection does not support IPv6, disable the IPv6 button within the “DNS server assignment” which should return to normal. You can test IPv6 on thistest-ipv6.comtestpage.

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