5 Best Apps To Fix Blurry Pictures in 2023

Best Apps To Fix And Sharpen Blurry Images

Best Apps To Fix Blurry Pictures – It happens to all of us – taking photographs that turn out to be a little bit blurry.

App stores have many apps that can be used to fix blurry photos. As a result, we can transform images that would otherwise be thrown away into treasured memories.

Since there are so many images sharpening apps available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

Besides, since most apps have free trials, downloading a bunch and seeing what works best for you has never been easier.

You can’t always fix blurry images completely but depending on the quality of the shot you have to work with, you can usually adjust the blur. Following are some of the best apps to help users get rid of blurry photos in seconds.

Best Apps To Fix Blurry Pictures in 2023

Adobe Lightroom CC

Best APP To Fix And Sharpen Blurry Images Adobe Lightroom CC

Photography and image editing are synonymous with Adobe products such as Lightroom. Their desktop apps are among the best in the industry. Adobe offers a mobile-friendly version of Lightroom CC.

Lightroom CC is not the fastest mobile photo editing tool, but it does offer a lot of features. This app is used by both enthusiasts and professionals.

The full functionality of the mobile version is automatically unlocked if you have an existing Adobe desktop software subscription.

Lightroom CC subscriptions include cloud storage so you can switch between the mobile and desktop versions.

It is possible to select which parts of the blue in the image you want to sharpen by using the provided masking tool. Over-sharpening can distort an image with a lot of apps, so this resolves that issue.

Additionally, Lightroom Mobile is the best free camera app for iPhone users.


Best APP To Fix And Sharpen Blurry Images Lumii

Lumii is a free image editing tool available through the Google Play store. With a Pro version, you can unlock all the features of the app. Lumii lets you apply filters, layers, and effects to your images.

It will also allow you to adjust the tonal curve of the image, much like a professional editing program.

Using this app, blurry photos can be fixed by making adjustments mostly to the grain level and sharpen feature. When you compare you’re before and after shots, you’ll find that the results are pretty good.

When you’re finished correcting the blur, you can use the other features to completely edit the image.

Enhance Photo Quality

One of the more effective sharpening tools can be found on the Google Play store in the Enhance Photo Quality application.

Easy-to-use and perfect for those who want to clear up blurry pictures, this app is just what you need. However, it’s best to make minor adjustments and check the results on the image.

If sharpening is done too far, artifacts can appear in the image. In this app, there is an advertisement banner at the bottom. Even though it’s free, it’s a bit distracting.


Best APP To Fix And Sharpen Blurry Images VSCO

VSCO is my favorite app for an iOS device. The most notable feature of VSCO is its variety of filters.

The most common filters are film simulations – this is what is called a preset or filter that duplicates the look of film photography.

In addition to the latest film styles, there are some great old-school looks available.

Sharpening a blurry picture is reasonably effective and can be used to add sharpness. The downside of this amazing app is that while the demo is free, you must pay for a full subscription to use it.

One of its alternatives could be the ImgUpscaler, a web-based app to fix blurred images.

Although it can be worthwhile if you consider that VSCO is constantly adding new filters and film simulations to its catalog.

Sharpen Image

Best APP To Fix And Sharpen Blurry Images Sharpen Image

Sharpen Image has only one function, namely sharpening images. The app is free and available on the Google Play store.

Sharpen Image is a very basic-looking app plagued by ads (it is free and then there is free with consequences – this app falls into the latter category).

Even though it does a good job of sharpening images, it treads a fine line between fixing a blurred photo and turning it into a mess.

Oversharpened images have the appearance of someone intentionally applying a glitch or effect. Although it’s the most straightforward solution, with only two controls to adjust the grain’s intensity and radius.

Even though it’s a free app, there are plenty of other ways to fix blurry pictures.

Blurry Image FAQ:

What Are Causes of a Blurry Image?

It may be a disappointing thing: when you get a funny picture that you want to publish on your social media, but you find it is blurry.

The details are not clear and crips on the pictures. The most familiar reason why we create the photo blurry is improper camera movement where the blurring is generated by vibrations instead of constant movement.

Can You Edit a Blurry Image?

It can be hard to point out the most accurate reason for a blurry image. Though the blurry photo is hard to view and print, it can be clear and crisp if we use some advanced applications to unblur it.

For example, you can use AI software such as imgupscaler to enhance the photo quality, and you can also some professional image sharpener to add color and increase the contrast.

Take advantage of the applications that we have introduced in this article, you are sure to make the blurry image clear and editable. 

What are Advantages of Fixing a Blurry Photo?

– Sharpen blurry photos and make them more transparent.

– Improve the image quality and visual effect.

– Easier to view, edit, and print.

– Get more information from a clear photo.

– Help you remain the unforgettable memory.

– Easier to share your friends with a high-quality image.

– Clear photos will be convenient to save in different formats 

Is There a Good Online Photo Enhancer to Fix Blurry Image?

Best APP To Fix And Sharpen Blurry Images Online Photo Enhancer to Fix Blurry Image

ImgUpscaler is a new product and brand from ImgLarger, specializing in upscaling bulk photos without surrendering the actual quality.

Established on deep knowledge and Super-resolution technology, imgupscaler could process the pictures naturally and make better results.

If you enjoy exclusive multiple photos at once, imgupscaler could be your best option.

This software can enlarge a photo to 4k automatically. The small and blurry photo can be converted into a high-resolution image in several seconds.

You don’t need to install any app on your phone because this AI photo enhancer can finish the task online anytime.

Final Words

You can be pretty frustrated when you take a great picture, only to have the subject out of focus or experience some blurring due to camera shake or motion.

We all make mistakes, and we’ve all made photographs that are unintentionally blurry. 

But with a little detective work, we can learn from those mistakes and make consistently sharp photographs. Apps like these can be helpful in these situations.

It’s amazing how you can fix blurry pictures right from your mobile device, no matter whether it’s an Android or an iOS device.

If you give some of these a shot, no doubt you’ll find something that works for you. Once you do, blurry pictures are history!

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