How to Make Status on Telegram Easy and Fast 2022

How to Make Status on Telegram Easy and Fast 2022

How to Make Status on Telegram Easy and Fast 2022– Today’s chat applications are very diverse, one of which is Telegram whose function is almost similar to WhatsApp.

Telegram itself is a chat application created by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov by offering the convenience of communicating like WhatsApp, including chatting, calling, and video calling.

It even has the advantage of providing a group that specifically presents news to films that are currently viral, such as K-dramas to feature films because of their unlimited capacity.

In this application, you can also create statuses such as those on Facebook and Instagram that can be seen by followers of your telegram contacts.

So, how do you make a status on this Telegram? Here’s the review:

How is the Status on Telegram?

This Telegram application has a weakness in that it cannot do status updates in the form of writing, so the way to make status on Telegram is only in the form of photos and short videos.

However, hopefully in the future this telegram application will continue to develop its features, especially features for status updates in the form of writing.

In addition, the Telegram application does not have a special feature that can view other users’ statuses, you can only view photo statuses from other users’ contact profiles.

To change the status of this article, you can fill out a biographical profile as a substitute for writing status, but the words that can be written are limited to 70 letters.

1. How to Create a Status on Telegram Via Biography

This biographical feature is widely used by Telegram users to update status in order to convey information or messages to other Telegram users. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Telegram application first.
  2. After the application is open, press the three line icon at the top of the display.
  3. Then select Bio and press .
  4. Please write the status you want to share with other Telegram users.
  5. When finished, press the tick icon at the top.
How to Make Status on Telegram Easy and Fast

The status created in the Telegram biography will later appear at the bottom of your Profile so that it can be read by other Telegram account users when opening your profile.

2. How to make a status on Telegram via a profile photo

One other alternative to make a status on Telegram is through a profile photo. While it’s a little different from most apps, it’s unique and a bit cumbersome at the same time.

When you want to update the status then you have to make a new photo to replace the previous profile photo.

Even so, the status in the profile photo is likely to be more easily visible to other Telegram users and will enter the saved contact list. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Telegram App first.
  2. Click the Settings menu .
  3. Then click Set Photo Profile.
  4. Please select the photo you want to set as a status in your phone gallery and upload it.
  5. Finally click save.
How to Make Status on Telegram Easy and Fast

So that your profile photo becomes an attractive status, add photo editing first by inserting interesting, unique sentences or other words that are suitable for status.

The Advantages of Telegram Features That WhatsApp Doesn’t Have

It turns out that the Telegram application has been chosen by many users because it has advantages that WhatsApp does not have as follows:

1. Unlimited Storage Space Capacity

Telegram is known to have unlimited storage capacity. Of course, this is because Telegram uses a cloud storage system so that it can store any data safely, does not fill the device, and is easily accessible to users.

The unlimited and free storage system provided by Telegram certainly allows you to save all kinds of data files and even watch Korean dramas without interruption.

2. File Sharing Without Quality Drops

When you share photos or videos with other WhatsApp users, the quality will usually decrease and have a maximum sending capacity limit.

This happens because WhatsApp will trim or compress the file size before sending it to make it easier and faster to send data to others.

Therefore, the quality of photos and videos often becomes blurry or less clear.

You won’t find this problem in Telegram because Telegram will give you a choice when sharing files with fellow users first, whether you want to compress it or directly send the original size file.

This means that the photos or videos sent will not be blurry or unclear.

3. Adding Friends Using Username

Adding new friends or contacts via WhatsApp usually requires using a phone number that must be saved in WhatsApp contacts first or using a WhatsApp contact barcode scan.

While in the Telegram application, you don’t need to use a phone number to add friends to your Telegram contacts, just by using the Telegram username, you can add other people’s contacts.

4. Editing Sent Messages

This feature is not owned by WhatsApp but is available on Telegram. Edit message feature that allows you to correct messages that have been sent to be edited again if there is a typo or typo.

Later, the recipient of the message will receive information that the message sent earlier has been edited or changed by the sender, so the recipient of the message will not know the original message if he has not read it.

5. Secret Message

The secret message feature or secret chat is usually used to send messages that are confidential.

Secret chat uses an end-to-end encryption system that prevents other people outside the chat room from knowing the contents of your chat, including even Telegram.

In addition, this feature is also equipped with a self-destruct feature that allows messages to be deleted automatically at a certain period of time so that their confidentiality can be maintained.

6. Groups with Larger Capacity

If WhatsApp limits the number of group chat members to a maximum of 256 contacts, Telegram can accommodate up to 5,000 members in one chat group called Supergroup.

Plus, there are complete features in it that can be used to facilitate communication, such as pins, hashtags, certain messages and others.

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7. Hiding Last Seen Features

The last seen feature is often used by WhatsApp users to avoid the activities you do in the application being unknown to certain WhatsApp contacts.

It turns out that this feature is also owned by Telegram with the advantage that it allows you to freely manage which contacts can see and cannot see as you wish.

8. Login on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp has a provision where users can only login on two devices, one smartphone and one on the desktop.

While in Telegram, you can login on several devices simultaneously, like you want to login on two smartphone devices simultaneously, then this can be done.

That’s how to make a status on Telegram that is easy and fast that can be applied by those of you who are still beginners in Telegram. 

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