How to Use Instagram on a Laptop or PC

How to Use Instagram on a Laptop or PC

How to Use Instagram on Laptop or PC – The web version of Instagram is getting closer to the app. Now, various important features in the Instagram application can be used on Instagram Web.

Some of the important features of Instagram that can also be tested on the Web version are updating feeds using photos or videos, sending DMs, placing comments, and watching Stories.

This is of course different from a few years ago. At that time, users could only view Instagram feeds .

Why do many people want Instagram to be accessed via a laptop or desktop PC? This will actually make it easier to upload photos and use application filters on a laptop or PC.

Can you use Instagram on a laptop computer?

Yes, you can do with Many people love Instagram so much that they really want to be able to use all its full features on their laptop or desktop computer. 

In that way, it is hoped that the results of taking pictures with a digital camera (which have high resolution) can be uploaded directly.

Until the end of 2021, there are already many features of the Instagram version of the application available on PC. You can upload photos or videos, view feeds, watch stories, and DM.

The feature to create or upload Stories is still not available on a PC. Most likely, it is still difficult to do through a PC or laptop device so the feature is not yet available.

Opening an Instagram account on a laptop or PC browser

How to post on Instagram from laptop Chrome

Like opening other social media accounts, you can open Instagram by accessing it directly from the browser. Here are the steps to open an Instagram account from a laptop or PC.

– Open a browser from a laptop or desktop PC

– Go to Instagram website >

– Login using the account you have created

– Access your timeline with the feed view on the left and stories in a smaller column on the right.

The display on the laptop allows you to view posts on your timeline and profile, leave comments, and view stories.

How to Post Instagram Photos and Videos Via PC or Laptop

The feature of posting videos or Instagram videos via the website has just been released. Previously, users could actually upload via Instagram Web, although there were several “cheat” ways. 

How to Use Instagram on a Laptop or PC

That is, users need to tweak the website in a certain way to do this.

With the presence of these features, of course, you will be more comfortable in uploading photos and videos on Instagram Web. No need to make any more browser modifications.

The method is also very easy. Just follow below:

1. Click the “+” icon. It’s located between DM (lightning logo) and Explores (compass shape).

2. To upload a photo or video, please click Select From Computer. You can also drag (drag) photos or videos directly into the upload box. You can select multiple photos or video files at once in one upload.

3. After uploading, you select the desired photo or video ratio. There are several choices, namely original, square (1:1), and landscape (16:9).

4. After that, you can choose a filter by adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, and others.

5. Enter the caption, tag, location, to deactivate comments, if you want.

6. Finally, click the “Share” button.

How to View Story Via PC or Laptop

How to view Stories via Instagram Web is very easy. When you open Instagram, you can immediately see the profile photos of the users you follow and update Stories.

Just click on the photo, the Story will immediately open.

How to Send a DM

To send a DM, you can click the DM icon. The icon is in the shape of a lightning bolt.

You can also send messages by selecting the profile of the user you want. Just visit the person’s page and click Message to send messages to each other.

Instagram photo editing application on laptop

What is the difference between the mobile version of the editing application and the editing on a laptop? You can enjoy more practical editing features if you directly upload photos from your laptop or desktop PC.

Want to make Instagram look like a neat magazine catalog but still look simple?

You can use the Pixlr application as a tool for the editing processPixlr is a photo editing app that can turn your photo collection into a series of print-ready portraits.

This application allows you to be able to make your photos sharper, slightly blurred, or also more colorful according to the impression you want to make on the Instagram album. By improving the impression of a more uniform appearance.

Pixlr is available for free to use via the website, iOS, and Android devices. So, if you have high-resolution photos on your laptop, you can edit them more quickly. 

Even though Instagram doesn’t currently accommodate the direct photo upload feature, imagine how easy it would be if you could directly upload the editing results from your laptop.

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